Un-prosecuted Email Scandals from Prior Administrations

Years ago, there was a very corrupt administration running the government in the community where I used to live. The next election ushered in an honest administration that introduced many reforms and improvements. The Director of Administration played a large part in this, working alongside the Governor.

When the files of the previous administration were opened, the Director of Administration shared with me some of the more egregious abuses (he is a close friend of mine and trusted my discretion). At the time I asked why the new administration was going to do about it, because there were actionable offenses. Well, he replied, it isn’t that easy. You see, we prosecute them, and time goes by, there’s another election and then they prosecute us. It becomes a revenge cycle.

I see the truth in this. The Republicans are still furious about the impeachment of Richard Nixon, and furious that they did not succeed in “impeaching back” with their treatment of Bill Clinton. So now there is a cry throughout conservative circles, that Hillary ought to be prosecuted for her email scandal. But what would that mean?

It would mean going back into the Bush administration. George W. Bush’s staff deleted 22,000,000 emails–that’s twenty two million emails–of White House staffers in 2007, stored in private Republican National Committee accounts. Now forget you just read this and return to your regularly-scheduled outrage at Hillary Clinton. The deletion of twenty-two million staff emails from White House servers was probably illegal. What are we to do about it? Where does it lead us?

It leads us down an endless rabbit-hole of “They got us, so let’s get them.” And at this point in our history it is the last thing we need to do. Republicans concentrated, cooperated and colluded to prevent progress under President Obama. We, the Liberals and Democrats, still have a mess to clean up. The Republicans will fight this battle until election day and if we are not careful we will never get out of the muck.

This is why I insist that we must stop thinking like Republicans. We have to refuse to accept their world view, and their view of Hillary Clinton. We have to stop accepting things like the talk that is going around of race war and civil war.

Tell me, do you really want to go there? One bunch of crazy black men facing crazy white men shooting it out in the street? Where will you go, where will you hide? How do you stay out of the crossfire?

But there is another side to this, and it is much more important. Hillary Clinton, herself personally, has been the object of a campaign of personal denigration and false accusations for more than a generation. Why? Because Republicans saw her coming, that’s why. They are ready for Clinton like they were never ready for her husband. They have an arsenal of lies, accusations, power politics and congressional committees to fire at her for the coming generation. And the sad thing is that the American people are falling for it.

Have you noticed how the idea that, if elected, Hillary would be America’s first woman President, has faded from the news? That’s because the idea is too powerful for the Conservatives to handle. The idea that women have common cause is dynamite. What the Republicans are doing is advancing the idea of, “Well, sure, that’s fine. I’m all for a woman president, but not…not that woman. Some other woman.”

Despite the sincere efforts of liberal talk show hosts and talking heads, it is time for Democrats to unite. Next week should be bringing us together, not offering a hiatus in attacks on Hillary. It is time for the attacks on Hillary from the Left to simply stop.

Editor’s Note: It has been reported that both Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell had similar email set ups and both claim to have destroyed their emails. No investigations have ever been conducted.

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