Never Clinton May Pave a Path for President Trump

The Democratic race for the nomination has been particularly brutal as the forces of the more traditional and so-called establishment candidate Hillary Clinton competes against the often younger and more tech-savvy followers of Bernie Sanders. The hugely successful Twitter movement Never Clinton may pave a path for President Trump. It seems as if any mention of Hillary Clinton on social media (especially on sites such as Reddit and Twitter) is sure to erupt a barrage of replies, often angry and unkind, from the seeming legion of Bernie supporters. Just search for #NeverClinton and you are sure to find thousands of tweets, such as this one:

As the political hopes of Bernie Sanders fades with the remaining available delegates dwindling, the supporters of Bernie Sanders have a touch choice to make. Will they grudgingly get behind Clinton and work to unite the Democratic Party, or will they sit out entirely (or worse, vote for Donald Trump) thereby virtually ensuring that Trump enters the White House in January?

Many Sanders supporters outright suggest they would never vote for Hillary Clinton. These voters see Clinton as an establishment candidate who will not carry out the Bernie revolution. Several Sanders fans were quoted in The Atlantic proclaiming their insistence on Bernie or Bust. However, what remains clear is that if Clinton is the establishment candidate, Donald Trump is most definitely not using the same playbook as Sanders and his revolution.

It is imperative that the Democratic party unite to remove any chance of a Trump Presidency. His disastrous war of words against women, LGBT, immigrants, and just about anyone else that he can think of in his obviously non-scripted appearances, will serve to isolate the United States from much of the rest of the world. Bernie Sanders would no doubt make an effective president, but his chances at winning the nomination are growing increasingly slim.

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