There is no immigration crisis

A picture has been painted of all-out chaos on the southern border of the United States that the Republican party calls an immigration crisis. If you listen to them, hordes of illegal “aliens” are rushing across the border in droves, with their backpacks stuffed with heroin and knives in their fists, looking for an American woman to rape. This whole scenario is not true. They made it up. In other words, Donald Trump and other Republicans are lying. They only want you to be very, very afraid and vote for them.

We ought to be used to this kind of lying from Republicans, who refer to President Barack Obama as “the worst president ever,” while they simultaneously run Trump as their presidential candidate. But those who want very much to believe everything fear-mongering lie that arouses their fear and racism will not give up these beliefs. A talk-show host that I follow fell afoul of these white supremacists and super-nationalists a couple of weeks ago, and they are e-bombing her web mail with hate and abuse night and day.

She and I are too kind to actually reprint what they write. They cannot compose one coherent sentence, let alone an email defending their views. For that they need Mitch McConnell, or some other high-ranking and unapologetic racist who can read, write and think.

President Obama has conducted an ambitious program of deportation since he took office. I know this is true because I lived in Arizona for more than a decade. In Arizona, people are “disappeared” by the immigration police and there is a specific border-watch foundation that will help relatives locate someone who goes missing.

I participated in a forum sponsored by the White House a few years ago. They were seeking input from Southern Arizona residents on the program, and I’m happy to say they got it. I told them face to face, in no uncertain terms, that arresting family members and kidnapping them to detention centers in northern Mexico border towns has to stop. And I was only one voice among many. The people of Southern Arizona are smuggling supplies, such as diapers and baby blankets, to shelters where mothers have to hold their naked babies under their clothes to keep them warm. And the people who are still doing it will not stop. Humanitarian aid is never a crime.

So while people of good will are protesting this kidnapping and persecution, Republicans are painting the opposite picture of an invasion of Latino barbarians storming the border. But the fact of the matter is that immigration is at zero level. It is said that there are more people crossing southward than to the north.

And of course it would be the southern border, wouldn’t it? Anybody hitting the panic button over illegal Canadian border-crossers? The whole thing is pure racism. I observed with pleasure yesterday that Trunp’s Latino staff is resigning.

Donald Trump is lying when he preaches his fear and hate. There is no immigration crisis.

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