No New Ideas As the Campaign Begins

On the last Super Tuesday of 2016’s election season, some things were decided, but so far we have seen no new ideas. However it seems to me that what was decided was not nearly as extensive as we might have believed if we watched corporate media television coverage of the events.

Hillary Clinton, who never seems to throw caution to the wind, became the presumptive nominee of the Democratic party. You could tell that Democratic candidate Clinton was being careful in her references to the election, but if you caught Republican candidate Donald Trump’s speech directly after the primary winners were called, you might be forgiven if you thought that he had assumed the Presidency itself rather than just finishing a few primaries. The primary results on the Republican side were not very exciting next to the Democratic results that confirmed Clinton as the presumptive nominee.

However, Trump’s role playing of President of the United States is telling us a few things if we care to pay attention to a dishonest blowhard who is also a racist. Trump said the other day that he would put Clinton in jail (perhaps by executive order) because “everybody knows she is guilty.” I must confess that I am not quite clear on what Clinton is guilty of, but it isn’t my fault because the Republicans in Congress have been pursuing her for years and don’t have anything yet. However, Trump seems to know, somehow, that she is guilty of something. I hope he explains it all before he hustles her off to an undisclosed location to be waterboarded in the tradition of the Grand Old Party…maybe Dick Cheney’s house.

You may also have noticed that Trump seemed to display unsuspected depth in his speech accepting whatever he thought he was accepting. He was moved – dare I say, touched – by the sad plight of America’s infrastructure. With virtual tears in his eyes (you can’t always tell from video) he promised to reverse the situation forthwith, conditional upon his election. But he is lying. Either he knows and is lying, or he does not know, that Republicans in Congress have been stalling an infrastructure bill for many years. Republicans don’t want highways renovated, they want toll roads. They don’t want WPA projects, they want to shuffle off Americans into ever-growing ghettos while they stonewall whoever the next President is. Imagine the luxuries they could afford in their condominiums in the United Arab Emirates!

And in another revelation of the ugly face of the Republican Party that we don’t want to see any more of than that Trump himself, David Perdue, a vicious racist from Georgia, trotted out an old Republican meme they gave up on about eight years ago when they discovered they couldn’t think President Barack Obama to death. I am not kidding.

There is a Psalm that wishes ill upon its subject, which I am not going to repeat here. You can find it under Psalm 109. By the way, you may not know that there are no Christian Psalms; all of them are compiled in the Old Testament. Although not all of them were written by King David himself, as was once thought (Jesus apparently thought that David wrote the Psalms, interestingly). As Psalm 109 wishes misfortune and death upon its target, Senator Perdue thought it was a good idea to do the same to our President. Let me just remind you that Perdue took an oath with his hand on a Bible to uphold our Constitution.

But be that as it may, it caused me to reflect that the stupid people who have been trying to veto an election, trying to pray Obama to death, and standing up proudly as racists, have now wasted a decade of their lives, more or less, in these futile endeavors. Obama is going to be retired to private life less than a year from now, and why Perdue thought this would be a good time to revive his decade-long hatred for him into another public crusade is beyond me. But maybe Perdue just doesn’t have anything but hate.

So congratulations, all you haters. You have given Barack Obama a decade of your life, and I don’t know how many years to the effort (which shows no signs of slowing down) to destroy Hillary Clinton. Really, now – have you nothing better to do? Nothing?

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