Nobody Should Vote for This

Salon has an article that says that Bernie voters in Minnesota are turning “Green,” and implies that the same kind of news “blackout” that hurt Bernie Sanders is holding back Stein as well. What a load of horseshit. If people actually knew more about Stein and the Greens, they would be less inclined to vote for them, not more.

I have said before and will say again that Jill Stein is the flip side of the coin of Donald Trump. No, she is not a bigoted blowhard. But they are both equally delusional in thinking that you just have to say some magic words and then you can run the country. Something like people who look at Michael Phelps and think, “If I didn’t have to go to work in the morning, I could have done that.” Yeah right.

There are a (fortunately decreasing) number of people who complain that Bernie Sanders lost because of a rigged system, that real democracy lost out to machine politics. And so to protest this, some people say they are going to the purity of the Green Party. So let’s see how democracy played out for both parties here in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin held a presidential primary in April and just a little over a million people voted in the Democratic Primary. Another 1.1 million voted in the Republican primary on the same day. Bernie Sanders was the winner of the primary on the Democratic side. On the basis of that primary and party rules, Wisconsin sent 96 delegates and seven alternates to the national convention in Philadelphia. The allocations of those delegates is listed here.

Now, you might say that the allocation of delegates was not transparent enough or that the proportions were wrong or that super delegates are unfair and I would not necessarily disagree with you. But is going third party a more transparent and democratic? Let’s look at the Green Party of Wisconsin for comparison. And remember, they want you to know more about this!

According to their website, the Greens held a nominating convention on April 16th here in Wisconsin. One caucus site for all of Wisconsin. Hmmm. But I suppose other parties might only have one site for their caucus. The party website does not say how many people attended, who was nominated and what the voting results were. But it does say that three — yes, three — delegates were selected for the national convention. Three??

There are eight congressional districts in Wisconsin. So our congressional delegation, with our two senators, would be ten. But the Greens represent the whole state with three? How many people voted for them? The website does not say.

Speaking of congressional districts, the Green Party of Wisconsin has a “Coordinating Council” that is organized by congressional district. There are two places on the committee for each district, so room for 16 officers. Of those 16 places, only seven have an actual person filling them. That’s right the Green Party of Wisconsin is not even able to fill half the seats on its own Coordinating Council! And Jill Stein thinks she can run the country? The Greens could not even put together a good parade here in Wisconsin. I know of 4-H clubs that are much better organized.

One other little oddity I noticed. Jill Stein was accused of being a bit ambiguous about vaccines and in general Greens are sometimes looked as a party of unscientific “Woo.” One of the Green delegates from Wisconsin, a fellow by the name of Craig Banks, has a link to a website on his profile on the Green Party page. In case you didn’t follow it, is for the Volarian Psychic Community School. The same link is also on his Twitter page. So, fully one third of the Green delegation to the national convention is involved in a psychic school.

Now, if you want to vote for that kind of thing, that is your right, but as for me, I will pass.

Now, the Greens might have some good ideas and have some pure-hearted people involved, but politics is about getting things done. Currently, Stein is only on the ballot in 29 states. I actually think that is not right and it should be easier to get on the ballot. But if you do not have enough statewide organization to get on the ballot, you probably should not be thinking you can run the country.

Now it may be that the Democrats are the Target or Walgreens of political parties and may not have the purest of hearts. But you can get what you need there. The Greens are a hippy glass bead store with a crystal ball guru in the back.

The Greens, at this state of their development, can’t get anything done, not even organizing their own party. Which makes Jill Stein the second most delusional person running for President. Right after Trump.


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