Nobody told Texas that an egg is not a chicken

It’s time for me to trot out my analogy about the chickens. A law is being debated in Texas that says that you must have a grave and a funeral for any aborted fetus. We already know that conservatives do not understand the human reproductive system, nor do they understand how birth control works. You need only refer back to Rush Limbaugh humiliating himself when he decided to attack Sandra Fluke.

While everyone was laughing themselves sick over Limbaugh’s inexcusable ignorance, pro-life activists decided that they–translate that, we–must go to absurd lengths to make them feel better. It was the old argument of, “YOU can’t do that because it is against MY religion.”

My religion, as an Episcopalian, takes no position on reproductive rights other than that it is an issue involving only a woman and her doctor, and her pastor if she so chooses. I have never had a problem with that. However, in the pro-life community they never tire of claiming that a fertilized egg, an embryo or a fetus is no different from a baby.

?The Republicans have thrown in with this, and they are now beholden to the Religious Right to pass all these idiotic laws because, apparently, their regard for women is so low that they do not trust them to make decisions about their own body, much less make the outlandish claim that they belong to themselves and not to the entire male population of the Republican Party.

So how about I invite some pro-life activists to my house for a nice homey fried chicken dinner? Yummy! So on the evening of the dinner I conduct them to the dinner table that has upon it several platters of fried eggs.

So where’s the chicken? Well, I answer them, an egg IS a chicken under your rules and regulations, isn’t it? If there is no difference between a fertilized human egg and a baby, then how could there be a difference between a chicken egg and a chicken? Eat hearty!

They ought to be careful of extreme analogies. Get yourself a hard-boiled turkey egg, peel it and carve it ceremoniously on Thanksgiving. How do you think that would go over with your guests?

An egg is not a chicken, and fetus is not a baby. Pro-life activists should throw their fervor into women’s health care, prenatal care and pediatric care for young children and infants. So how is it that so many of these activists have no interest in the welfare of American children after they are born? You can’t tell me you are pro-life if you torch clinics and assault doctors and nurses. Don’t even try.

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