Not Just Trump

Obviously, nationalism, populism and authoritarianism didn’t start with America and certainly not with our shallow thinking 45th president, who refused even to be present in the Situation Room to observe his costly Sunday 29 January 2017 counterterrorism attack in Yemen.

Nor did number 45 invent Jim Crow, the Axis of Evil, Bigotry, Racism, Bullying, Too Big to Fail Wall Street Bankers or even Corporatism — but he plays them exceptionally well — even doing a chicken-hawk fly bye-bye over the White House Correspondence Dinner, as he maneuvers to slice and dice any promise of healthcare, in post Obama era — even to his base support: those failing to see, America is only first when embracing the welfare of all — including awareness of the rippling effects of Flint Water Crisis and price increases on food we import from Mexico.

Long before 2016, negative sums, like Prescott Bush & Fred Koch, John Foster & Allen Dulles, Charles & David Koch and both Stephens Miller & Bannon — men who chose to reign over humankind, without human decency — needed three things:

  • a cause celeb, like revenge for being devalued in The Treaty of Versailles
  • an enemy, like Liberal press gagged out of Spicer’s inner gaggle: Snowden’s Guardian, Politico, CNN, BuzzFeed, BBC, LA Times, Daily Mail, The Gray Lady
  • our turning our lower cheeks.

Some occupying the home of the brave are more courageous than extremists at either extreme: Time, AP, NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox boycotted the secluded huddled minions to de-free, chanting to the demi-demographic choir.

Neither man nor nation thrives as an island, entire of itself. Even Robber Baron Bannon, whose very appearance evidences the ill effects of waging racial and religious wars while ignoring, like vengeance, omnipotence is better left to powers higher than Senior Advisors, constituent fearing congressional conservatives and political party leaders.

The generous spirit of democracy is the Exceptionalism of America’s greatness — not America First, nor even Made in America.

The only thing we have to fear is, the fear itself that intimidates voters of color, limits flow of the whole truth to the entire electorate, denies clean water & air, nutritious food & affordable healthcare and the scientific freedom and historical facts of our Bill of Rights — within a free public education system, that opens minds and rewards inquisitive individuality, in structurally sound schools.

Without a consistent infrastructure of Founding Fathers and Gettysburg Address foundation, the deaths of Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, laid America bare to a shadow government thrilled by the elixir of diminishing returns on the union, in the United States of America.

Beware the still waters running mostly silent, deeply propped up to be the last man standing, for any faith nailed hard Right can be devastatingly wrong for constitutional freedoms. Christianity delivered into preying hands, denies room in the end for needy refugees seeking shelter from Putin’s first favorite president. A penchant for a Gentleman’s Agreement thrives on our averting our eyes when number two white-washes the vice of #45’s hateful rants.

Nonetheless, if our pursuit of happiness becomes a chorus of small hands and ridiculous nicknames — during a plethora of leaking alternative facts regarding fake news, the occupiers of 1600, failing to hear the banned, whisper all glory is fleeting, will wall themselves in, and us out.

Now remember, what united Americans have accomplished for right, despite The Right:

  • Freedom from tyranny
  • Including The Bill of Rights in our Constitution
  • Preserving the United States of America
  • Emancipation of Slaves
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Voting Rights for Women
  • An integrated Public Education System
  • Historic Arts & Sciences
  • Space Travel
  • Affordable Healthcare
  • Resistance to terrorism’s hate both foreign and domestic

America has never been perfect nor we in total agreement, but we remain exceptional enough to insure number forty-five is the last hurrah storming against equality, before the calm, of diversity and justice for all, shakes off the dust of bigotry and ignorance from our hearts and minds.

It’s not just Trump.

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