We’re Not Just Trying to Scare You. You’re Already Afraid.

Let me preface by saying this: If Hillary Clinton were the perfect choice for the next President of the United States the polls would not be nearly, and scarily, as close. I think that most of us left-winged liberal, bleeding-heart feminists (as I have been so eloquently’ been called) know this to be the case. We know Hillary is flawed. We know she’s made mistakes. We’re not so blinded by our dreams, ideals, and our “perfect candidate”.

Ok. I’ve gotten that out of the way.

So now here we are, left with the choice of a lifetime. Or shall I call it, the decision of a lifetime? If there were a time in modern history when it was important to sit up, pay attention, and take action, regardless of your political affiliation, now is it.

Michael Bloomberg did it last week at the Democratic National Convention. John McCain did it. Richard Hanna did it. And yesterday Meg Whitman followed suit. And while fighting for his political life (and possibly his dignity and self-respect), I would venture to guess that Paul Ryan really wants to do it also. I can’t imagine he’s been sleeping too well.

The aftermath of Trump’s attack on the Khan family sickeningly continues as pouty-Donnie, with his he was mean to me, nanny-nanny boo-boo’ temper tantrum, insists that the Khans actually attacked him. So in addition to having to deal with a candidate (it still makes me cringe) who has absolutely no experience in running the business of the free world, we now have to hear about Trump’s hurt feelings. Someone has offended him. You know, that thing he does to others during his almost every waking moment. All of a sudden he knows how it feels. Someone give the bastard some Kleenex so he can wipe his tears and blow his nose so we can all move on. Glass houses, Mr. Trump. You live in a glass house. (Glass hotel?)

I have, at times, indulged in banter with Trump supporters. Sometimes, on a rare occasion, we were able to see eye to eye. We understood each others’ concerns. We listened to each other. Although we may not have been able to convince the other person to go our way, it has been a decent and sometimes thoughtful exchange. And despite the fact that there is nothing anyone could say to convince me to vote for a narcissistic, sociopathic, dictator-lover, I can certainly understand why people find his rhetoric so enthralling. They are scared. And they should be.

Fans of whiny-Donnie are lashing out and claiming that we are now just using scare-tactics to get them to listen. They complain that all we are doing is trying to pressure them into voting for Hillary. What often follows is list of their reasons why Hillary is a worse candidate, and the statement, You’re just trying to scare us by saying we should be afraid of a Trump presidency. We will not give in to fear!

But what of this alarmist mentality? Interestingly, the very thing inspiring most of Trump’s support, his fear-mongering, xenophobic rhetoric, seemed to work in his favor. Yet now his supporters are whining to us that WE are trying to scare THEM, and that it won’t work. Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day and Trump has left huge piles of political and social feces everywhere he has stepped. It’s going to take time and persistence (and a lot disinfectant) to clean up his mess. We are ready for it.

So to those of you who are complaining that we are trying to scare you, you’re right. We are. In a good way, if you can see the difference. But more importantly we are trying to help you open your eyes. I mean, please. We are not insisting that Hillary is the next Mother Theresa, although I must say she does cling to that pant-suit-look like Mother T clings to her sari. At least she’s consistent.

Even the greatest comedic minds out there (Stewart, Colbert, Maher, Noah, Oliver, Bee, to name a few) are finding that they have had to stop and take a few moments on their shows during which they are not joking at all. More of us need to be watching and listening to the truth, even if it is somewhat disguised with humor. This is how we try get the message across. And also how we cope.

We also hope that you will watch and listen to other political and social leaders. Listen to people who you respect and admire, and at least notice that, while some of them may still reluctantly continue to voice support for Trump, who is using one hand to spank NATO’s ass and the other to stroke Putin’s, and who probably needs a triple-cocktail of psychiatric medications, most of them probably really don’t want to. Listen to that. Hear that. I think you will find that, eventually, many of them won’t.

Paul Ryan, we’re waiting on you.

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