We do not often see a “now or never” moment, but one is here today

Across America, people who serve in the Electoral College are facing a decision. Perhaps I should say that many of them are facing that decision, for I do refer to electors who are pledged to support the Republican ticket, which at present is Trump-Pence. Those electors face the “now or never” moment that I mention in my title. Will they vote for the Reputlican team or will they see the reality that if Donald Trump is ratified to be sworn in as president, irrepairable harm will come to the United States of America?

It is not an exagerration to say this, in the light of recent events. A professional athlete refused to stand for the National Anthem and the nation went into outrage overtime. Russia put its thumb on the scale for Trump–not so much.

Hillary Clinton was accused of mishandling email six years ago–open and shut case of treason. Lock her up! A member of the prospective Trump cabinet admits on the record that he passed classified information to his girlfriend–oh well.

I could go on. And there are silly, quixotic Democratic electors who say that they are going to vote for Bernie Sanders tomorrow, just because. This is an example of people who are blind to the future and care nothing about consequences.

Do you care about consequences? You ought to unless you share the stupid idea that the Republicans use to strip Americans of our security–Ayn Rand’s idea that you will never need expensive medical help or support in your old age because you are special and magic. Rand ended up accepting Social Security and wouldn’t you like it to be there when you need it? It won’t be there is your Republican Congress can help it.

So tomorrow is it. Zero Hour. Will the electors vote for America as we know it? And if not, what?

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