It’s Not About Trump – It’s About USa!

Despite Trump’s disdainful U-Turn toward 1860, since 1960, albeit with the inconsistency of a pendulum lost to the possibility of being centered — wounded by assassinations, we’ve crawled, then walked on the moon, now encoring our, one brief shining moment, we support more progressive Americans in doing our best to be our brightest in replacing malice toward anyone in The Land of the Free, with charity, justice and equality for all.

Our Statue of Liberty torch is once again passed to a new generation of Americans, reborn out of the Great Recessioninduced by the enablers of, Donald Trump and family.

However, it’s much too soon to be drowned, surfing 2018 expectations of Blue Waves. Thanks to the creators of Trump, not trusting corporate owned media polls predicting landslide victories and taking voters for granted is a 2016 lesson learned — remembering Nixon’s landslide re-election during the 1972 Watergate investigation.

With Trump support, splintered grassroot energy is blossoming into the wisdom of our feminine side, but non-voters beware, elections are no more a spectator’s sport, than keeping our Democratic Republic from slipping through Twitter thumbs and Youtube videos.

Surprised faces, on Trump and Pence, at the end of hacked campaign days, Tuesday 8 November 2016, shocked our overdue gender equality into rippling muscular brain power, ready, willing and able to weigh the anchored weight of Conservatism’s self-serving philosophic quagmire of old males like, Orrin Hatch, Chuck Grassley and Mitch McConnell. Our Mission? Expedite exit of such as these, into the shadow of a fool’s gold parachute.

Invigorated by trumped men, we reinvest ourselves to a higher path. Having reacquired our spirit of 1776 giants, we now emerge ever closer to filling the shoes of all-inclusive icons — progressive geniuses with the courage, even in the face of hanging together, to launch a new birth of freedom: American Exceptionalism.

Because of Trump, we shall overcome hackers manipulating our elections, the dangers to democracy from our paperless electoral system, the bargain between the good, bad & ugly of life-time judicial appointments, an Electoral College no longer immune to mob-rule — and, the K.I.S.S. of shaking things up.

With a trumped administration, threatening not only the undoing of an Obama legacy, but the heritage of our American Experiment, We the People, though descendants of shameless Thanksgiving thieves, stealing from America’s original native culture — like any unvarnished work-in-progress, rarely lunging forward — we now progress forward, arbitrating with the few who prefer to anchor us in, What is Past is Prologue.

With the rise of immoral leadership trolling us into an all-time low for our nation of immigrant descendants, forgotten truth looms reincarnated, inviting our reaffirmation:

  • The Emancipation Proclamation
  • 19th Amendment awaiting ratification of our Equal Rights Amendment
  • I have a Dream
  • The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die

embracing anew this fact of faith in ourselves: almost 2.9million more voters chose a female Democrat in our last presidential election.

Waring Trump is best defeated with positive acclamation: Those, who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. Changing minds, like the long arm of the law, catch up with button size bravado, saving us from men needing to compensate.

It’s not a money-grabbing president’s crude personality nor smug mental dullness of a UN Ambassador. It’s the fire and fury motivation of seventeen last minute appointments of state prosecutors, that is potentially an obstruction of justice.

It’s a golfer-in-Chief, emulating the authoritarian governments of Egypt, Libya, Poland, Hungary, Thailand, Somalia, China and Turkey (whose bodyguards attacked peaceful American protesters on American soil) that demands we vote to reset America’s democratic course.

It’s about, bought and paid for Czars of treason, eroding America with quiet domestic terrorism, and a White House abdicating America to, seizing the moment Xi Jinping and Drain the Swamp originator, Putin.

It’s about embracing our flaws so closely, they suffocate, because changing our minds and ourselves is America’s DNA.

We Resist, Persist and are Indivisible, not to ban the trumped, but in harmony, be the hope in Casablanca‘s battling National Anthems that subdues the war with our fears.

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