A primary wrap up playbook for Hillary supporters: Five things to remember

As the Democratic primary winds down here are some things to remember as we get ready for November.

  1. Ignore any sensational articles and posts by Bernie Sanders’ supporters: I know you are upset when you see these but the more you read and share these, the more popular they become. As they lose coverage they will resort to increasingly desperate and outlandish tactics so use the “Block” button on Twitter, the “Unfollow” on Facebook and do not click on any articles or watch any programs about Sanders and his supporters.
  2. Educate people about Hillary: Learn about her programs to unite America and bring jobs back and remove obstacles to the country’s growth. Celebrate the fact that she is going to be the first female nominee of a major party in the Presidential election. Celebrate the fact that she has faced 30 years of Republican attacks and is still standing. More importantly think about what about Hillary makes you support her and share that.
  3. Educate people about Trump: We have a real danger that a mentally unstable, dictatorial racist xenophobe might become President. He is so extreme and unstable even prominent Republicans like the Bushes, Lindsey Graham and Mitt Romney have said they cannot support him.
  4. Keep donating and volunteering and don’t forget to remind people to continue to vote for Hillary through June 14th in the primaries: Any money donated now can be rolled over to the general election. If you are one of the few people able and willing to contribute the max you can do that twice for the Primary and the General Election.
  5. Read #1 again: Bernie might win some more states such as West Virginia and Oregon. So some of the media might try to say he is making a comeback. But this will barely make a dent in the number of delegates or votes that Hillary is ahead by. So for the sake of your own sanity ignore, ignore, ignore!

Yep the next month will be unbearable. Just imagine you are Hillary at the 11 hour long Benghazi hearing. Taking the high road is the harder path but it is the winning path at this point in the primary.

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