As of Now, Trump is a Distractor, not a Dictator

Like most of you the phrase P——-t Trump is totally grating on my nerves and sets off a wave of nausea every time I hear it. But almost as bad is almost every pundit referring to him as a “populist.”

Are you kidding me? A guy who literally lives in a gilded cage, loses money running casinos and marries models for the conversation is somehow a “populist?” Give me a freaking break.

Normally when you think of a “populist” you would think of a common man going up against the elite, that is to say the rich folks. Trump certainly rails against the “elites” but considering that he filled his cabinet with billionaires, many of whom didn’t even make those billions themselves, he ain’t serious when he says this.

Trump’s strategy, such as it is, has his followers looking down the social scale, not upward, as a true populist would do. This is an outgrowth of the Tea Party strategy. Normally when you think of the villagers taking up pitchforks and torches, they are heading for the plantation house, not turning on the smaller village down the road.

Ironically, the alt-right’s metaphor of the moment, that of the “cuck” actually illustrates what is going on pretty well.

Cuck is short for cuckhold, which is man whose wife is cheating on him. But in the case of the alt-right, the usurper is a man (a black man in their imagination) who although of a lower socio-economic class than the husband, uses his physical and sexual prowess to illicitly take the wife (of the presumably physically weaker) husband.

As always, diagnosis is everything. If you believe that big muscles and a big, well, not quite a muscle, is what is appealing to women, you have to spend your time at the gym and getting an implant. If you can’t do that, in this messed up world view, you have to keep her away from the bagger at the grocery store, the postman and pool boy.

But, to continue the metaphor, the alt-right completely misunderstands sexual dynamics because they can’t get out of their own warped world view. Metaphorically speaking, the alt-right is so busy seeing that the postman doesn’t ring twice that they totally miss what is really going on.

When their wife comes home and says, “Remember when I met the owner of the company at the Christmas party? He wants to take me to lunch. In Paris. For a week.”

And they answer, “Great! Maybe he’ll notice me now and I’ll get a raise! WooHoo!”

In the same way, the Alt-Right is entirely convinced that we are being out smarted and out hustled by Mexico. Really? The United States being brought down by an impoverished Third World country? If NAFTA took all our good paying jobs there, why in the world would Mexicans want to come here? Simple, because that is not what happened.

Here is a great analysis of what effects NAFTA really had, and what some of the real issues are.

In reality, it wasn’t Mexico that created the Rust Belt or even China. It is way more complicated than that. But whatever those factors were, we know that ultimately, the rewards only went to the already wealthy.

Economic growth has been booming in the US over the past 75 years.

Graph of Real GDP Per Capita Since 1880

Real GDP Per Capita Since 1880


But all of the gains from that growth have gone to the top 1%. It wasn’t the Chinese who “stole” our jobs, it was the bosses who outsourced the work, so they could make more money.

Trump’s wall is basically saying, “We have to keep those swarthy pool boys away from our wives!” But at the same time, it is folks like him that have grabbed the economy by the pussy and moved on it like a bitch, even though it is married.

It doesn’t matter whether stuff is made here, there or anywhere as long as the game is rigged in favor of Goldman Sachs and the One Percent.

Trump is actually (and not surprisingly) promising to further rigging the game for the upper echelon. Even lower taxes for them, cutting the social safety nets to create even more desperate people willing to work for even lower wages.

The wall, the Muslim ban, bringing back torture; all distractions to keep his cuckholded followers feeling more manly even while they bend over and get lubed up.

And it will probably work because Trump’s followers understand neither sexual or economic dynamics.



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