Observations from a sickbed as the parade passes by

I was pretty much disabled by the pain in my right leg lately, which has been a severe problem for me for more than a year. About the time I took to bed, spending my time taking medication and listening to progressive news outlets, my computer also went down. Unfortunately it was the motherboard, so I just got a new tower and started over. I lost a lot of content in the process but I can write documents and replace what got lost. Meanwhile I have been watching and listening to what went on since the so-called president observed his 100th day in office.

I admit I was shocked at the spectacle of talking head Fareed Zakaria humping Trump’s leg after he ordered a stupid, failed bombing raid against a sovereign nation without the endorsement of Congress. Nice optics, Fareed! I used to respect you.

Not that I didn’t notice news reporter Brian Williams, who equaled if not surpassed Zakaria’s fawning when he went into a philosophical rapture about the beauty of the armaments being fired off at night. Yes, Brian, I hope you took it down. It will make a good addition to your forthcoming book of war poetry.

But then there was Lily Tomlin, who contributed a bitterly hilarious bit to Nurse Talk, with several ironically-funny comments and ending with, “Remember: your health care is our business—not our concern.,” Just in case you are confused about that?

And finally, the White House unveiled a stunning portrait of Marie Antoinette in her four-billion-dollar diamond ring. I mean, it was really Melania Trump, but I can’t think of anything more likely to infuriate the lower and middle-class American public than to have the First Lady display a diamond that belongs in a museum. Actually I doubt that she really wears it. Like most of the Trump administration, it is for show. Just like the so-called Trump fortune and the multiple violations of the Emoluments Clause of our Constitution, which in itself is a veritable collection of impeachable offenses. Melania ought to gain a few friends by donating it to charity. It could feed thousands. It might gain some redemption for the stone itself, which is likely to be a Blood Diamond–because that’s the kind of guy Trump is.

But there will be no impeachment., I say that when another group of revelations comes to us outlining the treason and deception that have characterized this failed presidency since the inauguration. Trump will negotiate his resignation very soon now. His whole administration is contaminated by this scandal. We will now see what happens when American democracy goes into uncharted territory chasing a president who is out of control. As yet, no one seems determined to bring him under control, but it will happen. And it is time for it to happen. Now.

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