Being offline is no fun for a news chaser

I have been offline for a few days sue to a household move. bored and frustrated without my usual round of web pages to visit. Indeed, it hurt me more than it hurt you!

Looking for news to cover, I note that candidate Donald Trump is behaving badly–no actual news there. The news emanating from his camaign seems to be rooted in Republican discontent, as they peel off and draw their personal lines in the sand, like Rafael Cruz, Jr. They will go no farther with this campaign of ineptitude, and it is interesting to observe how low some of the has-beens and talking heads will stoop before they cut their losses. After all, there is life after November.

In the campaign of Hillary Clinton, things seem to have settled into a dialog that goes pretty much like this:

“Her entire adult life devoted to chldren, families and their welfare.”

“Campaign contributions!”

“Excellent voting record as liberal Senator!”


“Outstanding performance as Secretary of State!”


“Clinton and Obama got bin Laden.”


And so on. This does not include Trump’s more outrageous behavior, such as his hint that somebody ought to assassinate Clinton. If that is kosher with the FBI, there isn’t anything I can do about it.

However, many fair-weather Democrats (who apparently did not see Clinton’s candidacy coming years ago), have decided to get rough on advancing the Republican cause. The phrase “worst candidate ever” has emerged to be archived in the lowest moments of party disloyalty that we have yet seen. I think this is a strategic mistake: the phrase could have been paired with “worst president ever” for the 2020 campaign if Clinton is elected. But it must have been just too tempting for the Right to use the phrase to strike back at those who have pinned the worst-president tail on the George W. Bush target. So the question emerges: if the Right thought that Barack Obama was the worst president ever, what will Hillary be?

Now it won’t be possible for conservatives who do not have to bother with reality, to make a neat segue from “worst candidate ever” to “worst president ever,” because it’s been done. And done by Democrats and Republicans alike, to the shame of liberals. The Bernie tree bears poisonous fruit.

To repeat what I have been writing about the campaign, I wish that the naysaying, negative liberals would put a sock in it on Hillary hate. In three months it is possible that America could get a mortal wound to our democracy. I still cannot see why or how people who call themselves progressives could be working to bring about their worst-case scenario. Anybody remember voting in your own best interests?

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