OH FOR PETE’S SAKE!!! (a rant of the extreme variety)

Let me be very clear: THIS IS AN EXTREME RANT

First there was the Benghazi scandal that … wasn’t. Then there were those damn e-mails, another … non-scandal. Next came the scandal’ of the Clinton Foundation, that was … no scandal at all. Then Trumpety blamed Hillary for her husband’s extramarital affair more than a decade ago (why does the woman always get blamed for the man’s bad behaviour???). Oh yes, and let us not forget that Trump diagnosed Hillary as having epilepsy based on a clip of a televised appearance. And now … THIS! For eight years we have listened to Republicans blame President Obama for every single thing that they could think of to blame him for from the 2008 economic crash (he took office in 2009) to Hurricane Katrina (an act of nature 4 years before Obama took the oath of office!) to Sarah Palin’s son assaulting his girlfriend. Now Donald Trump keeps heaping blame on Hillary Clinton for everything, even things that are not things, and I AM SICK AND DAMN TIRED OF IT!

Whew. Thanks … I feel better now.

What has Filosofa hyperventilating today, you ask? Two things, actually. The latest in the blame game’ is that Anthony Weiner has once again been caught sexting’. You might make note that I have never even touched on the topic of Weiner and his lurid habit because I have no interest in it and it is apropos of nothing. However, Donald Trump is now trying to use Weiner’s behaviour to declare Hillary Clinton unfit for office! WHAT???? If I have a friend who is convicted of murder, how is that my fault?

Apparently in light of Mr. Weiner’s most recent event’, his wife, Huma Abedin, has decided she no longer wishes to be married to him and will seek a separation. Ms. Abedin just so happens to be an advisor to Hillary Clinton. SO WHAT, right? But Mr. Trump (who, by the way, claims to know Anthony Weiner very well’ … one wonders how well) says the breakup of the Weiner marriage is a matter of national security. He further says I only worry for the country in that Hillary Clinton was careless and negligent in allowing Weiner to have such close proximity to highly classified information. Note that Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner, although married, are two distinctly separate individuals. She is not he and he is not she! Trump continues, Who knows what he learned and who he told? It’s just another example of Hillary Clinton’s bad judgment. It is possible that our country and its security have been greatly compromised by this. Abedin started her career as an intern to Ms. Clinton when she was First Lady in the 1990s and has been with her ever since. She is now the vice chairwoman of the Clinton campaign … a position I am pretty sure she would not have been able to rise to if she were not trustworthy and reliable. Hillary Clinton is no fool.

This morning, CNN was all over this story, showing over and over and over, ad nauseam, Trumpety in all his glorious indignation. But wait … isn’t he the one who is well-known for his three wives and too-numerous-to-count extra-marital affairs? And is he not the one with some 3,500+ lawsuits, some still pending, against him? What about that, CNN? Doesn’t that make him a security risk? I asked long ago how Hillary could be to blame for Bill’s extra-marital affairs, and somebody actually had the unmitigated gall to send me a message saying it was because if she had been a better wife, he would not have strayed. Let us clear this up once and for all, Donnie-boy … there is NO SCANDAL here and neither Weiner’s wife nor Hillary are responsible for the behaviour of Anthony Weiner! Put it to bed, man … get on with your paltry little life!

The second thing that set me off on this rant is actually more potentially serious in nature, and was perpetuated by one of Trump’s supporters rather than the man himself, although I have no doubt that Trump is clapping with glee over it. Trump supporter, a religious pastor, one Mark Burns, posted a cartoon drawn by Tony Branco, that depicts Hillary Clinton in blackface. Burns quickly deleted his post and apologized, but the damage had been done and now that image is all over television and the internet … not to mention in the minds of everyone who has seen it. It is rather like courtroom testimony, ordered to be ‘struck from the record’, but that lives on in the minds of the jurors. Earlier this month, cartoonist Marc Murphy portrayed Trump in blackface, but not a single Democrat felt compelled to splash it in people’s faces. I will not post the picture here, as it is nothing more than a piece of filthy fluff from the mind of a moron. One would think, wouldn’t one, that a man of religion would be above such stupidity? Apparently not. I now remember why I have issues with organized religion and religious organizations that claim to place themselves above the rest of us. Mr. Mark Burns, you are no better than any other lowlife.

At a time that we should be thinking about serious issues that the next president will have to contend with, we are instead playing these juvenile, demented games. We are wasting time talking about disrespectful cartoons instead of ways to boost the economy. We are discussing sexually explicit material of private citizens rather than talking about land, water and energy conservation. We are looking for any breath of a scandal rather than thinking about the situation in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and even the EU. What the hell is wrong with people??? Have fully half of our citizens lost their bloomin’ minds? This election ought to be about the many, many important situations, both domestic and international, that are playing out on center stage as we speak. Instead it is about trash. Yes, trash. Donald Trump is trash … he is the trashiest person who has ever run for the highest office in this nation, bar none. Pastor Mark Burns is trash. And the entire GOP campaign is trash. It is time to take out the trash, people. This campaign needs to be about good governance, not trash.

I have made it a point ever since I started this blog to always … always … be respectful, even in disagreement. I make an exception today … just this once. I have no use for, nor respect for, any follower of Trump and his minions. If you get excited over this trashy mud-slinging, garbage campaign that Trump is running, then I have no use for you … zilch. Go away and let those of us who are serious-minded and who hope to see a qualified person in the White House, see qualified people in Congress, do your thinking for you, because you are obviously not capable of thinking for yourselves. Thank you and good day.

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