What If They Held an Olympics and Nobody Came?

America is in desperate need of an intervention over the Olympic Games that are scheduled for Rio de Janeiro this summer. Just the other day I read about the first athlete I have seen who has decided not to risk contracting – and spreading – the Zika virus, and consequently will not participate. Did you know that a baby with the micro cephalic condition associated with the Zika virus has already been born in America?

It is powerfully incumbent upon mayors, governors, coaches and other officials to discourage the participation of American athletes in these summer Olympics. The International Olympic Committee has said that the risk of Zika infection can be contained…in Rio. Not bloody likely, I say.

Your friends, your children, your neighbors and your local athletes are at risk of kicking off a worldwide health crisis because they are being told a lie. It is not true that the risk of the Zika virus has been controlled in any significant way. There is no guarantee that a solution will be presented. This is not a big-budget disaster movie with heroic scientists and the breakthroughs coming in the dramatic nick of time. You have only to look at the heroic scientists and doctors who were treated like dirt over the HIV/AIDS crisis to see how the Zike scenario is likely to play out.

An athlete goes to the games and nothing happens. They return and nothing happens for a few weeks, until suddenly they come down with Zika. By that time the virus is embedded in the mosquito population and cases will start breaking out anywhere on a random basis. Repeat this scenario in every nation that sent athletes to Rio.

The irresponsibility of decisions to send athletes to Rio is literally incalculable. Like lemmings following their first line of runners mindlessly over a cliff, they will end up dead at the bottom unless somebody calls a halt. And in their despicable lack of integrity, the IOC repeats that the risk of Zika can be contained. And Brutus was an honorable man.

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