So You Say You Want a Revolution?

An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders and his Supporter

Dear Senator Sanders,

Thank you for running a great campaign, bringing to the fore some new issues and generally shaking things up in the Democratic primaries. I voted for you in Wisconsin and was proud to do so. But the primaries are now over, Hillary has won. Pure and simple, she got more votes than you did.

Now, you may say that the process was not perfect and that under other rules you would have won. But the Democratic party has the right to choose its candidate any way it chooses – and the rules were available and well known from the start. Democrats have spoken, they gave Hillary 3 million more votes.

The question is where to go from here? If you want to have a positive impact on the Democratic party (and the US as a whole) here is my suggestion.

Work hard to get people actually elected this fall. Starting with Hillary. Do you really want Trump nominating the next Supreme Court Justice? Right, so get on the train.

But even more importantly, Bernie, is the need to convince your supporters – and all progressives – that the presidency is not the office we really need to capture. It is all of them!

What good would a Sanders presidency be with a Republican Congress? What we need much more is a Senate that had 15 Russ Feingolds, 15 Tammy Baldwins, 15 Al Frankens and 15 Elizabeth Warrens. That will ensure that you get Federal courts, including the Supremes that you want.

You want to overturn Citizens United and get dirty money out of politics? I can agree with that. To get that done permanently you’ll need a Constitutional Amendment. To get that you will need 38 state legislatures and governors.

President Sanders can’t do those things. Neither can President Clinton, frankly.

But convincing your people to get out and vote – in every freaking election – not just the presidential races would be the biggest thing you can do. Get your ego out of the way Bernie. Turn your skills, your fund raising and your consciousness raising to where it will really count. We need progressive government at all levels – and you can lead the charge!

You are not going to be President this year. And you are not going to run in 2020. If you want to have a permanent effect on the country, this is what you have to do!

Don’t listen to me, listen to Mr. Deity!

Now, get out there and lead the revolution we really need!

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