Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

From the Desk of Fil0sofa
Dear Ms. Clinton,

I just finished reading a transcript of your ‘foreign policy’ speech from yesterday, all 4,152 words. I think you need a bit of guidance, a bit of advice, so I am prepared to offer, free of charge, my critique of your speech as well as some timely advice for future speeches to help you along the ‘White House Path’. No need to thank me … believe me, just heeding my advice will be thanks enough.

For starters, let us look at how you used your valuable media time. Of 4,152 words, you spent 1,939, roughly 47% of your time and effort, bashing your presumptive opponent, Donnie Trump. While I fully agree with every single thing you said about him, it is not helpful to either your campaign or your supporters. First, the speech was billed as a foreign policy speech, and you used only 407 words, approximately 10%, to even discuss your foreign policy platform, and even those words were very vague, told us nothing we didn’t already know.

Second, when you rant and mock Donnie, you are bringing yourself down … way down … to his level, which is somewhere around the level of gutter-snipe.

Third, these speeches, press conferences, are valuable ‘face time’, an opportunity for you to show voters why they should support you and vote for you.

I understand the temptation to mock and scorn Trump … I give in to it myself. However, I am not running for the highest office in the land. You are. It is in your best interest to hold yourself above Donnie, to show the world what dignity looks like and that some in this nation still value dignity and intellect over brashness, fear and hate. You missed that opportunity this time around, but you really need to work on that and do much better at future events.

Keep in mind that those who blindly follow Trump will vote for him, regardless of what you say or what he says. They have already made up their minds, and it is not them that you must speak to. The ones you need to speak to are those who want to support you, as well as those who are as yet uncertain. They are uncomfortable with Trump’s rhetoric, yet they are not quite comfortable with you, either. You must speak to them, you must be very clear on your policies and ideology, you must convince them that your plans will help bring economic growth and at the same time keep the peace. They are seeking reassurance from you, so you would be well-advised to give them details, to do what Trump has failed to do: show that you are intelligent and that you have a well-thought-out plan and specific details on how to implement that plan.

I must tell you, I came away from reading your speech feeling nearly as disgusted as when I read a Trump speech. I learned nothing new and found nothing to make me admire or respect you. Don’t get me wrong … I do admire and respect you, to a point. But in your speeches over the next five months, I expect to hear exactly how you will solve the problems facing this nation today, such as income inequality, encroaching racism, bigotry against the LGBT community and the migrant population, crumbling infrastructures, abortion, etc. And on a global scale, I need to hear what your plans and ideas are about defeating Daesh, finding solutions to environmental issues, Putin’s expansionist moves, the refugee crisis, and the tensions in the Middle East. These things are important to me, as they are, or should be, to every single voter. In your speech, which was labeled a ‘foreign policy speech’, you only skimmed the surface on two or three of the above, with no clear-cut, well-defined plan apparent.

On future occasions, you must, and I cannot stress this forcefully enough, you simply must leave little Donnie alone. He does not need you to sink his boat, as left to his own devices, he will sink it all by himself. You must rise far above the antics of little Donnie and speak softly, yet intelligently, make your time count, give the voters substance, not empty rants. Many of us are intelligent beings who are capable of understanding well-defined plans for moving our government into the 21st century, and when we hear a speech like the one you gave yesterday, we are left shaking our heads and wondering why we wasted our time. I do not know who your speech-writer is, but my last piece of advice is to fire him or her immediately! I am available for consultation, if you need a level-headed, reasonably intelligent person to guide your future efforts. Personally I do not want a mindless, heartless screeching banshee for my president. Trump already has proven himself to be that banshee … do not let him drag you into that trap. I will vote for you either way, but I would prefer to vote for you, rather than merely vote against Trump. There is a difference.

Best Wishes for a Winning Campaign,


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