Opening That Can of Worms, or, Not Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie

Republican candidate Donald Trump is going there: to the “Clinton Scandal.”In case you are keeping track, I refer to the one involving President Bill Clinton, which was eagerly fleshed out and fed to the corporate media, complete with the pornographic Starr Report and the human sacrifice of Washington intern Monica Lewinsky.

If the Republicans had not had four years of Whitewater investigations they might have achieved their dream of another Watergate that would tar the Democrats with Richard Nixon’s brush. But something held it back. Even after the House of Representatives passed the Articles of Impeachment, somehow it didn’t gel. Al Gore, who was running at the time, “distanced” himself from Clinton and in my opinion he contributed to the eerie atmosphere that seemed to make Washington, D. C. a huge whispering gallery, full of voices saying, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

They were not sure, or at least the Senate was not sure. But since Trump is making an issue of this again – finding a way to blame Hillary Clinton for being the victim of a husband who wasn’t true to his vows – let’s think it through, okay?

I have heard some very righteous-minded, respectable politicians and talking heads bemoan the roving eye of President Clinton, along with their somber disapproval of how he “lied to Congress.” So let’s go there. Answer this question: what would you have preferred the president do?

I can tell you one thing right away: he could have answered the question about the affair this way: “Why, of course I had sex with that woman! Doesn’t everyone? Don’t you committee guys try to tell me that you don’t have your interns stashed in your offices! Isn’t that what all those juicy young interns are FOR, anyway? I mean, where’s the problem?”

Right now former Congressman Dennis Hastert is answering for charges of sexual misconduct. His successor as Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, resigned in disgrace over HIS sexual peccadilloes. So answer the question: would you really rather that Clinton had thrown Lewinsky under the bus and walked away from the hearings after telling the truth? “Hell yes, I did her! Who doesn’t?”

The fact that Clinton made even a slight effort to shield Lewinsky and keep the scandal away from his wife and daughter means a lot to me. In fact, I am glad that he risked it all and did the right thing. It is a thing that I would do. But the mock horror over Clinton’s affair sickens me, and if you think it would have been better for him to use Lewinsky as a human shield, I feel sorry for you. You are in real danger of forfeiting your membership in the human race.

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