My Plea to Donald Trump


Dear Mr. Drumpf,

I am writing this letter to you in the hopes that you will read it through the filter of an open mind. I ask that you put aside what you think you know and consider that there may be something bigger at stake here.

First I want to congratulate you on winning the election. Based on the system we have in place, you did it. You started as the most unlikely winner (to most people, anyway) and you saw it through. There is no denying that to do that requires ambition, tremendous strategy and knowing your audience. You should feel really good about winning, as you always do.

Mr. Drumpf, I won’t get into how I, or so many of my fellow Americans, feel about you. I know very few people, on a personal level, who voted for you. Sorry, just not my crew. But you should know that you have disappointed your voters already. You promised them you would restore government to one that is free of Wall Street and big bank influence, but you have chosen as your frontrunner for Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, a 17-year veteran of Goldman Sachs along with 2 other Wall Street big bank men. You promised them that this country would be for them, not for the top elite, so what kind of message does that send?

You promised to bring people together, but I guess you only meant white people based on your pick of Stephen Bannon for your chief strategist. Seriously? Don’t you have a Jewish son-in-law? I heard you say that you love Jewish people, and I happen to know some Jewish people who voted for you, so why would you choose a known Anti-Semite who spews hatred for basically any group of people who aren’t white, as one of your closest advisers? You say you love women and that “nobody has more respect for women than me”, but you picked Bannon, who is a proud and blatant misogynist. Mr. Drumpf, a lot of women voted for you. Again, you let them down.

We won’t get into your other picks…Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, Sarah Palin..all unqualified, either mentally or otherwise, to handle the task of governing the American people appropriately.

So now what? I’d like you to consider the question (as I assume you already have), “Do I really want to do this?” Honestly, I don’t think you do. Since you won, you seem to have an expression of “What did I get myself into?” on your face. I can understand that, to a certain degree, but you have to admit that you really, REALLY don’t know what you got yourself into.

More importantly,you need to honestly be answering the question “SHOULD I do this?” I do not believe you ever wanted this job. I believe you only wanted to see if you could get it. And now that you have it, it has become increasingly clear, at least to the American people and anybody sensible in the government, that you have no idea what you’re doing. And to be honest, you don’t appear to be very interested. You actually look kind of bored. You’re way too busy thinking about how you are going to split your time between New York, Mira Lago, and Washington DC. Mr. Drumpf, your life as you know it now, when you are the President of the United States, is completely over. At least for the next 4 years. It’s too bad you didn’t think about that beforehand and come to the realization about a year ago that this isn’t the life for you. This isn’t the job for you. And I will say again, that you really don’t seem very interested in it. That is not inspiring to the American people.

So I ask you, Mr. President-Elect, no, I beg you, to take a long, hard look at yourself. I ask that you honestly answer the questions: “Am I the right person for this job?” and “Do I really want to do this job?” If the answer to either or both of those questions is “No”, and I believe that it is, then I ask that you consider stepping down. If you say you love this country, then show it the love it deserves by humbly moving aside and letting the best people for the job do the job. Please, turn over a new leaf and do the right thing.

Ilissa Jackson
American Citizen

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