Political Playoffs-Put Up Or STFU!

Sitting in the cab on my way to one of many appointments for the day, I was talking to the driver about the amount of Sanders supporters that live in Oregon. His reply was less than flattering to socialists and liberals alike, but he did state that Trump really wouldn’t be that bad and better than Sanders any day. Being the flibbertigibbet I am, and not wanting to get too political, I asked about Hillary and his response surprised me. After thinking for a minute, and with a heavy sigh, he admitted that she would be better than Sanders and the Canadian Cuttlefish but….. Benghazi. It was at that point I said I didn’t understand his position. It’s not like Hillary leapt out of a Skippy with an AK and opened fire on the compound itself. He admitted that was true and than drifted off to vague conspiracy about what they want us to know.


Political Rivals

A working class hero is something to be!

I bring this up because this very nice and cool guy is something all the pollsters put together aren’t, Genuine! Yes he is one dude in a blue state, but our conversation told me that the march to oblivion that is the GOP convention is not sitting too well with its reliable base that it is dependent upon. Oh, and the Benghazi stuff is about as stale as an email investigation. It’s like they say, if you can’t explain it to a 6 year old, you don’t know what you’re talking about. I think this driver and his friends are tired of having to explain insane positions over and over. Yes some aspects of Team Red are insanely extreme but remember most of the GOP are reasonable folks that really don’t care about gays, abortion, or religious freedom. It seems to me they just want to be left alone. And really, who can argue with that?

We all knew coming into this election cycle that Team Red was at a disadvantage. With the Blue Wall ( yes Nate Silver that’s a thing) in position to deliver the White House to Team Blue, add in some very vulnerable senate seats, and hope for the best in the House, you get the recipe for another four years of America doing the right thing. The importance of this race is to elect a candidate who will continue President Obama’s success, and build upon the foundation that took eight long years to put in place.

That was how it was going to happen… really.

Click, click, BOOM

She's Got This!

She’s Got This!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the GOP field of candidates who are willing to be sacrificed on the altar of good intentions. Bush the Tired (or was that the third?) anyway I’m getting low on energy so next up is…who cares, nobody under the Bush tier even had a shot, no matter how long they stayed in to pad their ghost written books’ resume.

After the last gas can was put on the dumpster fire of the Grand Ole Party, all that was left was a Canadian who closely resembles a cuttlefish and an amateur porn star at the same time. Voted the most hated man in the Senate, recently described by a truly horrible leather golf bag as ‘Satan incarnate’.

Eduardo Rafael Cruz, or Ted, which makes total sense. It must have come with the stamp of approval from a Frank Luntz focus group of folks outside of a Bass Pro Shop.

John Kasich is still kicking around. Anything to distract from the massive budget deficit in his state, religious zealots closing most of the women’s clinics, and algae blooms. The last one might not make a lot of sense now, but wait until August.


Cartoon / Buffoon / Lampoon

Cartoon / Buffoon / Lampoon

Trump! Trump! Trump!

Have you heard of this guy? Everything about him is huuuuuge except for his odd little fingers. With the heart of Hitler and the hair of blonde Reagan he is rallying the disenfranchised under a banner of unapologetic hate. It’s amazing that he just doesn’t pass out brown shirts at his rallies. But it’s not all caviar wishes and champagne dreams for this hustling racist, open bigot, misogynistic…Look I could go on and on with every word our staff knows to use to describe shit but really folks; this guy is very dangerous and his followers don’t care. My grandfather would rise from the sand he is buried under in Iwo Jima just to punch this fascist squarely in the jaw. But I digress.

Judging by the amount of pushback Team Trump is getting in California, it appears that the new century population of the U. S. is so not cool with this. And that list of nervous senators is growing by the day, thanks to the ill-advised block of the POTUS SCOTUS nominee. And with this ass seeking the best public housing program ever, the gerrymandered districts in the House don’t look that safe anymore.

Not published in LIFE. Hillary Rodham (later Hillary Rodham Clinton), Park Ridge, Illinois, June 1969.

Not published in LIFE. Hillary Rodham (later Hillary Rodham Clinton), Park Ridge, Illinois, June 1969.

And on Team Blue we have Hillary Clinton! If you don’t know who she is by now, you must be sitting next to Steve Guttenberg.

This is going to be a great election season. High stakes affair with the future in the balance. As you walk into the voting booth, leave the brown shirt at home, put on a cheery Hawaiian pattern and do the right thing.

Hillary Clinton 2016!





So Genuine , you can feel the sweat off the guitar and smell the smoke in the room!







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