Political suicide is no longer a figure of speech

The Republican Party must dump their presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Dump Trump. Why they have not done this yet today is a mystery to me. The only idea I can come up with is that they think that they can somehow pull this off if they hang tough, admit nothing and pretend that Trump is a viable candidate. It has been done before.

I must admit that Republican politicians, especially those who attain elected office, are characterized across the board today by incompetence. The breathtaking report today that Paul Ryan is tired of divided government would be hilarious, as the saying goes, if it were not pathetic.

Another tactic that Republicans think is working is their decision to stonewall every troubling fact about Trump until after the election. This is, however, the stupidest thing that they have ever done in any election in the history of the United States. Getting Trump elected by a combination of blackout and election fraud is not the great idea that they seem to think it is. There is only one conclusion to be drawn: they want Mike Pence to be president. It looks to me like they are willing to string Trump along only to throw him under the bus when the lawsuits and criminal charges kick in. I would have thought that smeone in the Trump campaign would have voiced an alarm. Is it possible that everyone in the Trump campaign, including Trump himself, is blind and stupid?

Let’s fast-forward to 2017. If Trump has been elected, he will undoubtedly be called into court for many offenses. These cases are pending now, only they have been postponed. Can you imagine the president of the United States in jail on criminal charges, waiting for his cases to be adjudicated? Impossible, you say? Do you know how many crimes he has already been convicted of? Do you knwo the fines he has paid and the infractions he has admitted to already? How do you feel about the spectacle of our president running his administration out of a Club Fed? And that does not take into consideration the possibility that Trump will not go gentle. He could choose to fight. What a prospect!

And the Republican Party wants this to happen? Just so they can put a fanatic in the White House? What about the guy under the bus–the candidate they anointed in their convention and supported and endorsed? This is to say nothing of the Trump supporters who have disgraced America and jumped on the bandwagon of hate and racism … not that it was a surprise.

Does the Republican Party have a death wish? Or could it be the accumulated guilt for stealing elections, suppressing voters, waging wars of aggression and providing a political home for racist fascism? Who cares? Why is the current crop of deplorable incompetents willing to obliterate their party?

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