Poor v. Rich and Right v. Wrong

Reinventing ourselves after Collins Kavanaugh vote and Grassley’s women don’t want to do the work, let’s inaugurate a day of reckoning to spotlight why old men locked in secret rooms do the bidding of wealthy conservatism:  America’s ultimate gender, racial and sexual subjugation. 

Decades of criminal behavior:  banging other people’s money into six bankruptcies, while goading recruiters with bone spurs, just to grope erratic peace, lying to three wives about where his head lies – con artists threaten our Democratic Republic by convoluting a trumped sunset with America’s new dawning.

Stripping both messenger and message, to pinch focus from cheeky bony projections arousing worshipers of a distorted Manifest Destiny minus Native, female and African-American contribution, is M.O. of an impostor.

Aren’t we better than tax evasion swagger mocking targets of ill-tempered supremacists assuming, despite hindsight, supreme confirmation of drunken missionary positions?

The more we shovel the political manure of alternative facts onto the economically swindled, the less we will discern the tyranny white-washed in black robes, board rooms and secret Senate chambers.

Averting our eyes from America’s core of disparity deepens restlessness in a Home of the Brave where gun violence is default solution.

Only Peaceful Assembly, voting, Moral Mondays and holding these truths to be self-evident:  our Land of the Free, cannot be, until most of, We the People engage responsibility for revitalizing what we might have been.

Yet without waves of reason, we doubt our ability to erect from memories often too horrible to revisit:  too many of us have elected to infect all of us with corporate and government leadership that’s long-lost sight of America’s 1863 Gettysburg call to reject any animus to human decency.

Historically, our pale majority manifested and molested this truth:  poverty is not about color, but the glue that holds us together – as intentionally pervasively programed for economic stagnation of 43.5% of Americans.

“You might be poor, but at least you are white and that means something.”

Without an acknowledgment of Biblical foretelling and Constitutional guarantees, we, herded by age-old masculine litany, allow ensconced powerful, moneyed gray-haired men to exclude from their job description, the welfare of women and children, and wellbeing of the financially damaged.

When did we lose our compass to Justice for All – respecting accusers and expecting, in our humane Free Society, FBI investigations unhindered by the self-serving unhinged?

It’s not just Trump/Pence, it’s the GOP:  McKinley’s Corporatism, Taft’s Little Brown Brothers, Harding’s sex scandals, Hoover’s Hoovervilles, Eisenhower’s Operations Wetback, Nixon’s Watergate, Ford’s Nixon pardon, Reagan’s Trickle Down, Bush/Cheney’s perpetual oil wars – beget American polarization!

We need see beyond Trump/Pence and McConnell/Kavanaugh and uplift our new American majority – infected by Russian hacks, NRA money, in servitude to the uber wealthy standing, like Robber Barons and their We Built That descendants, on the backs of 99% of us.

Erasing what’s wrong with what’s right, cures America’s greatest limitation:   a millennium of violations against hardworking Americans – black and white, rich and poor, LGBTQ and straight, Republican and Democrat – especially women assaulted by the unrepentant, cast as second-class citizens by me first shareholders, uncaring CEOs, domestic violence, sexual discrimination, gender inequality and multi-million-dollar tax cheats.

Rising as indivisible antagonists to a GOP ignoring women, school shootings and DWB – we may help Americans who physically resemble Judiciary Committee Republicans, to eject men who neglect them.

Kathleen Charlton, North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp and North Carolina Rev Dr. William J. Barber II are heroes, while Brett Kavanaugh, Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump choose to bury America’s promise – and all its #MeToo, gender income parity, ERA and PeopleDemandingAction.org supporters.

Nevertheless, Never Trump Conservatives, Justice John Paul Stevens and Americans descending on their Congress and Supreme Court, from all over our nation, confirm, we are poised at a nation determining precipice:  where all are equal under the law, or, a people willingly yielding to the nightstick of 80% of Republicans, standing by their man – aided and abetted by Mitch McConnell’s political cronies – preventing what’s right, from defeating, what’s wrong.

Mocking anyone, because of their physical or mental health, age, race or gender, may not rise to, I could stand in the middle of 5th Ave and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any votes – but it certainly wipes its feet on the doormat of our soul.

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