The president who cried wolf

The Trump Administration is crashing already. Years ago we all saw what a failure it was when George W. Bush and his advisors decided to govern in “perpetual campaign mode,” or by treating all issues as though they were running for election on the basis of what they said about it. The worst thing that came out of it was the secrecy that they used to conceal their intentions, although it seems this sort of conduct has gone out of style. It no longer seems necessary to hide motivations and/or intentions from the public even when officials are plotting actual harm to American people. So far, since the “election” of Trump, Americans have sat on the sidelines watching, apparently bemused by the goings-on and unable to connect any dots at all.

I will give my respects to Joy Reid of MSNBC, who pointed out today that not only does the “emperor” have no clothes, but he also has a team that is incapable of dealing with reality. How, asked Ms. Reid, are we supposed to know when the Trump team is telling the truth, when they lie about everything, even the most trivial things such as attemdance at a rally?

What is the touchstone for us? Will Trump spokespeople such as Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer come closer to the truth when they like the version of the facts that they are choosing to share–when they don’t feel the need to depend on the alternative facts, as Conway puts it? How will we know? Trump is injured that not many people showed up to watch him lie about supporting and defending the Constitution, so they just say there were more. Time will tell if I am mistaken in this. For the present we are expected to believe that looking like a million people in a photo shoot means in the alternate reality of the Twittersphere that a million people were present. We are not supposed to have the bad taste to point out that photos of the inauguration crowds come from the first and second inaugurations of former President Barack Obama. All the same, Trump just declared war on the media this morning.

I don’t think Trump’s people impressed upon him sufficiently that the forces of hate and bigotry in America are quite a bit smaller than the forces of decent everyday Americans. There aren’t all that many bigots in this country, to put it bluntly. Trump has not yet even admitted that he did not win the popular vote. Instead he fantasizes about busloads of people with no passports or voter registration pulling up to polling places and voting in last November’s election. You can’t exactly be angry at him for this; it is only a hint of how ignorant he is on the subjects of civics, government, voter registration and the rest of the process that we were just defrauded through by the Republican Party (about which no one has done anything but talk).

I have even heard some progressive pundits wondering why Trump’s people have not yet awakened to the actual threat against him. Apparently Trump and his friends think that the conservative machine wanted him for president. That is not the case if most observers are correct. It seems that plans are afoot within the Republican establishment to dump Trump and install a “real” conservative, Mike Pence, in the presidency. Pence will supposedly be aided and abetted by a newly-minted vice president named Paul Ryan.

If you marched yesterday or if you think that a point was made for the freedom and dignity of women in America, you will run face-first into a brick wall if we get Pence-Ryan in charge after the conservatives stage a coup, boot Donald Trump out of the White House and send him back to play ego games and grab women through their clothes at Trump Tower.

In a previous article I asked who Trump thinks he is working for, as he antagonizes the Washington establishment every step of the way so far. Now I ask: what does he think he is doing, roleplaying a president who is a geriatric swinger with a trophy wife and children who jump feet first into the trough right along with him? Does he think he will never have to govern? Does he think that President Obama took care of the terrorist stuff that was hard, and he can coast through four years of fun and games? Think Trump will make a grab for some member of English royalty or make a pass at a highly-placed female official in Europe?

Have fun waiting. We’ll see what Trump thinks of the presidency in the next few months before this crash-in-progress hits the ground.

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