Presidential behavior and unanswered questions

Ever since the first Clinton administration I have been admonished from the Left and the Right both, tut-tutting over affairs that have long since been relegated to old news. Nor am I shocked, outraged or even surprised by the fact that the frantic machinations going on in Donald Trump’s mind have turned to attacking Hillary Clinton over her husband’s scandals, as though she were responsible for his conduct. But it isn’t even original–the deranged far-right nonsense machine has been keeping the issue alive ever since it happened.

The bitter disappointment festering within the Republican Party is proof that they will never get over the impeachment proceedings that forced Richard Nixon out of office. The entrapment and impeachment of Bill Clinton was supposed to be their payback. They wanted it so much that they overreached and the more sensible Senate put an end to their misguided crusade.

So we see Trump trying to hang this albatross around Hillary Clinton’s neck. Somehow she must be tarred with the same brush. So my intent today is to pre-empt the whole dreary, boring scenario by asking the same question I have been asking. Since the scandal itself, this question has never been asked on a news program on any network that I know of, and no one has volunteered to answer it.

But here is my question: just what would you prefer that Bill Clinton had done? I’m asking all the talking heads that clutched their pearls and exclaimed, “Oh good God, he lied to Congress! Off with his head!”

How about this alternative: Clinton cheerfully admits he had an affair with Monica Lewinsky, followed with, “Well, geez Louise, doesn’t everybody in Washington have their little back-door interns? Isn’t that what interns are for in this party town? Who are you going out with, Newt?” Would you have preferred to see that conversation in the committee hearings?

Look, both of the Clintons are attorneys. The minute Bill Clinton decided to answer the questions he knew what his choices were, and their outcomes. What he chose to do was make a futile gesture of protecting Lewinsky. He knew it was not going to work. But let’s just imagine what the scene would have been in Washington if, again, he had admitted his affair in front of cameras and committees. In his fruitless attempt to shield Lewinsky, he also tried to shield Hillary and their daughter. There is no videotape to live forever, with Bill Clinton admitting his affair==footage that would be used right now by the Trump campaign, you need not doubt.

What a gift Bill Clinton could have given the Republicans–talk about a gift that keeps on giving! But he was so far ahead of them that it isn’t even amusing. His token gesture, that actually led to the passage of articles of impeachment, was his choice. He made that choice to prevent Hillary, Chelsea and Monica from having it thrown in their faces for literally the rest of their lives, and certainly on into the years where the whole thing is irrelevant except for those who produce campaign ads.

So, anybody want to raise your hand and answer the question? What would you prefer that Bill Clinton had done rather than lie about Lewinsky?

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