Does the Presidential Oath apply to Children?

Change that reforms America, is the only comfort for Americans besieged by poorly enforced wage laws, student debt, Russian hacking, white supremacy, sexual assault, inevitable water wars and gun violence masquerading as 2nd Amendment right to massacre innocence, and the innocent.

American solutions are waiting in the wings of change, the moment opposing sides across all political POVs, are reformed. Our children and the families they leave behind, dreamers all, beckon, because gun laws and gun assassins are an American problem in need of legal solutions.

If you have a license to own an AR-15, the FBI can ask to see it, and in a man’s castle, question his social media provocations. However, until an act of violence is committed, with or without an NRA condoned murder weapon, both FBI and police are powerless — unless you have been targeted by ICE, as an unwanted immigrant.

The 1/21/17 Women’s march, #MeToo #TimesUp and Black Panther prove We the People are the change, but will Paul Ryan’s 115th House vote for all-inclusive Background Checks, recognize our union with immigrant heritage and vote to honor America’s Statue of Liberty promise?

Upholding justice equality for all life, even after birth, unites us with our children everywhere in lifting a 2018 torch of freedom — a resounding gauntlet at the feet of a rented Congress, gun profits addicted NRA and a president’s den of iniquity.

Calling out all perpetrators of domestic violence and domestic terrorism, is what true patriots do.

On Saturday 24 March 2018, may America, lift every voice in harmonious chorus: young and old — people of color, women of every hue, Asians, Latinos, LGBTQ & Native Americans, letting freedom ring through us, in common cause, so vociferously, our tumult thunders to save our children.

Before and after American National Guardsman sent by Nixon, shot and killed four Kent State Students, anti-Vietnam war demonstrations were ablaze on college campuses. At Peabody Conservative of Music, students and faculty gathered in Peabody’s Concert Hall, in action-oriented peaceful assembly.

So, I stand with Cameron Kasky, Emma Gonzalez and all who have suffered because of the reckless combination of too easily procured assault weapons and yet another man incomplete without a gun.

America’s violent history teaches: the Sirens’ song calling us to greed, war and power over life and death addiction, most often fails to be controlled by those most powerful. Civil unity, however, is the key that frees rational thought, sensible pragmatic solutions and all-inclusive purpose.

America remains a work-in-progress, on a journey from bloody revolution & Civil War; through the Wild, Wild West & Jim Crow; to demagogues dictated to by powerful bankers and foreign chefs.

However, unlike, obstruction of justice, collusion is not legalized, and being thin-skinned is not an impeachable offense. Nonetheless, whether, unwitting individuals or overly trusting Americans misplacing their faith in unholy men, voting out of jealousy, fear, hate, or desire for revenge, makes voters powerless against the fox they hail, and vulnerable to the fakery he projects.

Failing to preserve national institutions protecting even the least of these our brethren, is antithesis to presidential oath.

Failure to protect us against tragic family destruction by AR-15 villainy, while shooting down our myopic Fourth Estate and imperfect FBI, morphs our Founding Fathers’ American Dream into a Laura Ingram nightmare.

Isn’t failure to preserve clean water, protect our Ground-Water reserves and defend occupiers of American territory from Rainmakers: Securities Industry, Wall Street investment groups, Hedge Funds, making rain from public water for private pools, a breach of presidential contract with both the 60% of Americans who vote and the 40% who don’t?

Is presidential inflammatory rhetoric making Americans susceptible to Putin schemes, treason or MAGA? And why should we care?

America is now run by Too Big to Fail Great Recession creators, a NRA rented Congress, a White House staff including 130 without security clearances and, by an adulterer tweeting mendacity, while gouging himself on overnight cheeseburgers.

Being ranked as the worst president isn’t an impeachable offense, but perhaps denying Russian hacking, the safety of our children and sanctity of our elections betrays, preserve, protect and defend.

Stand with the mass shooting generation: #MarchForOurLives.

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