Pretending We Are A Nation of Compassionate Humanitarians

Where does America get off pretending that we are a nation of compassionate humanitarians who protect the helpless? Compare that to the reality of the life of African Americans. As long as people who call themselves Christians spit out their hatred of the President and the LGBT community, who do we think we are? Answering that question is a dirty job, but I can face it.

Where is our humanitarian concern for our own citizens? A representative at the United Nations once rebuked America’s phony sentiments, castigating the hypocrisy of America’s attitude towards our own African-American citizens. With the spectacle of discrimination, hatred, lynching, terrorism and the exhibition of Republican behavior towards President Obama, just who do we think we are to be yelling at the rest of the world?

European nations ought to take in more refugees. Sure. America ought to take in all of them, since we were instrumental in creating their situation almost by ourselves. We have Presidents and Secretaries of Defense and Secretaries of State who can spin the most facile justifications for rampaging around the Middle East, playing “Whack A Mole” with terrorists and pretending that we have someone else’s interests ahead of our own. It is a farce.

Does Franklin Graham have the slightest credibility speaking about our duty to refugees when he advocates persecution of Americans who happen to be gay? How does the Family Research Council have any right to complain that the plight of refugees compels American action when they shout out for the oppression of LGBT Americans?

If America wants to clean up a mess, it is ‘way past time’ to clean up the mess of Republican hatred. Stand up to the states that are passing vicious laws designed to deprive Americans of their right to vote. Put a stop to the terrorizing of African Americans, not to mention Latino Americans. Latinos are looking at the refugee shelters along the Mexican border and realizing that even the Obama Administration is okay with tossing immigrants across the border into shelters, breaking up families and separating children from their parents.

When I was growing up in Illinois in the Fifties, there was a saying: “you’ve got no room to talk.” Well, America really has no room to talk on the subject of the suffering of refugees. The American black community ought to speak up, right now, and demand that the nation address its own problems. Charity begins at home.

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