The Public Criminalization of Hillary Clinton

For the past two weeks I have been working on this article about how Republicans have trashed the image of Hillary Clinton. To my surprise, it has been a harder task than I expected.

There is no doubt that ever since Hillary became involved in the health care issue, during her husband’s days in the Whitehouse, she became a target for the Republican attack machine.

Unfortunately for her, Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky affected her image as well as his. His behavior left her with no good options on how she would be viewed in her future politcal aspirations.

During one of the Republican debates I was surprised to hear Marco Rubio say, “If this contest is about who has the most experience to be President of the United States, Hillary would win hands down, but it is not just about experience, it’s about the ability to make the right decisions.” Her vote to send troops into Iraq has been one of those decisions that haunt her in this campaign, as well as her infamous emails that have resurged in scrutiny.

For all the controversy and illegal activity that she has been accused of, not one indictment has come to bring her down. She stood strong for over 10 hours of grilling at the Benghazi hearings. She helped unite the Democrats after a hard fought election contest with Barrack Obama back in 2008, and now she must stand strong again in a close race with Bernie Sanders attacking her from the left and Donald Trump from the right. I dont think anyone can say that she is not tough enough to be President of the United States.

The Republicans have tried to hammer her with everything they could throw at her and now the general public have succumbed to believing that she must be guilty of something. She is dishonest, untrustworthy, a liar….

I have yet to see the perfect politician. A politican who has never made a bad decision, who’s point of view is always 20/20 and who’s character is beyond reproach.

In the history of American politics there have been many cases where experience has molded the character of a President to become a better statesperson than they might otherwise have been. Hillary Clinton might be one of those individuals who will rise to the challenge of the Presidency, if she is not already there.

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