When the Pyrotechnics Won’t Work Anymore

Its three weeks into the Trump Administration. He’s signed a bunch of Executive Orders and gotten some Nazis on his Cabinet. He lost his attempt at a “Muslim Ban” in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The fact that, in three sentences, I could summarize the results his administration thus far, seems impossible given the absolute chaos that has consumed these three weeks. If fact, it was all smoke and mirrors.

The idea of Comrade Brannon and the boys seems to be if you can’t beat em confuse em. This worked fine during the Presidential Campaign. The media ran around like little dachshunds chasing their tails looking for a story where Trumpkins said there was one and ending up like Good ol Charle Brown; on his back missing that football for the umpteenth time. The democrats were convinced that Hillary would eventually win and sat there filing their nails and watching the uncivil Trump cuss and fuss. Trump would go on to win the Electoral College when most people didn’t even bother to vote thinking that Hillary winning would be the inevitable conclusion. But, a funny thing happened on the White House.

Fast and furious can be a lot to deal with for a while. NOT forever. When that’s all you got, you get figured out. Media outlets have hired more reporters. They are getting focused like a laser beam on Trump and those around him. Saturday Night’s SNL has reclaimed its relevancy and is must see tv. The Democrats have learned that being nice gets them nowhere. Expect to see every Trump nominee from now on subjected to the full 30 hours of debate. You will also see his Supreme Court nominee filibustered. If Mitch McConnell wants to use the so called “nuclear option” and change the rules so be it. No Quarter will be taken. The reaction of the American People has been the most amazing.

I lived through the civil rights protests and the Vietnam War. I would love to see both of those insurrections with the social media anc communications capacities we have now. Martin Luther King didn’t have a cell phone or the internet. How the Viet Nam posters got together is even more of a mystery these days but they did. Anti Trump Protests are every where. Anti Trump folks are raising hell at every Congressman’s Town hall. They are calling switchboards of Senators. They call any Trump Properties and ask questions about his policy. It’s driving him employees crazy. The people don’t want Trump. Groups like the ACLU and AARP are getting new members and lots of money every day. The phrase “groundswell of support” finally has a true use.

The media is ready, Congress is ready and the people are ready. Get the popcorn and beer. This will be fun!

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