Quick Bernie! Grab the Revolution of the Century

Democrats must rise above their internecine division and grab the revolution of the century. The 2016 Election is a path to make America the liberal nation you always dreamed of! A better America; for each and every citizen, including you. Maybe even Mr. Donald Trump too, if he shows us his long … uhm… form birth certificate.

I see Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton following on with Pres. Barack Obama’s “Hope and Change”. HRC – her initials may well stand for what she offers America — Hope and Revolutionary Change. That’s right revolutionary. Yes, she can! I think everyone should be able to see there is an opportunity for a liberal revolution. Will democrats have the audacity to go after it? But wait you say Mr. Bernie Sanders is the revolutionary! In a word, no. I admit his whining complaints and “Hillary is the AntiChrist” Twitter-bots are revolting. I rather would ask – is Bernie even evolutionary?

Seriously though, I really don’t want to condescend; Bernie achieved a surprising measure of success in what is nonetheless a failed attempt to become the Democratic Party’s nominee. The truth of the matter is that Bernie is an academic preaching classic left of center liberal democrat fare. As I mentioned in an earlier blog – “Is it Time to Play the Woman Card“, just look at Bernie’s web site for a list of some classic liberal policy ideas. These ideas are not new and were not born of Bernie. Much of them are liberal social principles that have stood over decades. You can look at Hillary’s website for politically practical, well thought out, action plans to move America closer toward these principles.

So if you are still here reading, you really do want to know more about this revolution and why is it not Bernie’s. Well, it’s certainly not Trump’s. It is Hillary’s because yes, she has a chance to make history — and no, it’s not what you think. Sure, electing a first woman president of the United States is historic. Yet, that is not quite revolutionary. It is a long awaited and hard earned milestone. I believe Hillary will sprint past the first woman title in a short celebration. I believe she sees, and is excited by, a great chance to make America even greater. An opportunity to do so much more and for this “it takes a revolution”. A revolution basically demands a mandate across Congress — the House and Senate, Supreme Court and the Presidency. Imagine what eight years with majorities might accomplish; it truly could be revolutionary.

Hillary is the right leader at this time and she can be a great leader, not just some “lesser of two evils” as some partisans suggest- just consider:

  • Trump despite his self-proclaimed “winning” ways is full of weakness. Witness his obvious heretical bluster and chronic lying and hyper flip flopping. He’s not even really a flip-flopper, he’s practically an egg beater. After he stops talking there is nothing he hasn’t said, hedged, stated as an absolute and then immediately again as an “absolutely not”. All in the same breath; it’s breathtaking.
  • Hillary is a tough woman and a fighter. She is already taking the fight to Trump as you can see from this Jonathan Easley article in The Hill – “Clinton Mocks Trump, Warns of ‘Deportation Forces'”. She is doing this while concurrently being sniped at, and harassed by, Bernie’s camp. Hillary will put Trump on the defensive and he will get ugly quickly. She will need to stay on her game. On the other hand, I believe Trump would bring Bernie down in flames; Bern him down if you will.
  • Hillary as a woman president will be a step forward for social progress. Bernie at best is status quo, if not a step back. I say progress as a woman because she will manage as a woman, and not because she will break the glass ceiling. Managing as a woman doesn’t mean managing softly. It just means … well…. managing better. Probably more sensitively and thoughtfully. I think further in the direction of Pres. Obama. Properly valuing American blood and treasure, whether it be in Syria or on the streets of Detroit or in the schools like Newtown.
  • Hillary’s more hawkish bent on foreign affairs compared to Bernie’s (and not much different to Obama’s doctrine) will do well for her with voters. It means keeping America strong and safe. In these times, national and international security is important, especially when the goal is to keep America’s borders open.
  • Bernie is neither vetted nor tested. Hillary is probably the most vetted woman in the history of the world. She has also learned how to get things done and has much experience, starting for example in 1992, with Health Care. Bernie has run a fortunate campaign — no other competition, low expectations, and no real opposition from Hillary. She’s been keeping her powder dry for the general.
  • For a revolution, it takes a coalition:
    • Hillary is strong pretty much right across the Democratic coalition that Obama has led. Bernie is not.
    • Hillary will bring in the women’s vote. No one else can.
    • Bernie’s demographic has elements that Hillary’s does not. He can broaden the coalition — win some of the white male middle class that normally votes Republican that has a moral core and won’t vote for Trump. Also, the youth that he has inspired.
    • Obama will campaign vigorously to see the change he has always believed in. He will help deliver his voting coalition of 2008 and 2012. He is more interested in moving social progress forward than in preserving his legacy.
    • Bill Clinton of course, is working for Hillary already and is valuable across all demographics. He is also a great strategist that will probably be better now in a support role to Hillary than he ever could be to Obama. She will know how to manage him.

Working together, this coalition has a chance to do something of the scale and significance of FDR’s New Deal. Democrats must unite, develop a consistent strategy and manage aggressively and smartly to win swing states, swing seats in Congress and wild card states and seats that might bring a Congressional majority. This is no mean feat and will take the best efforts of all to achieve. Beating Trump and his shiny new trophy wife, the Republican Party, isn’t the half of it.

How Bernie leads now is critically important. The sooner he works with Hillary and the Party the better the coalition’s chances. Bernie, please understand this incredible opportunity, you can be a significant part of it if you do the right thing, right now. The California primary is too long to wait, and please don’t drag it out until the Democratic National Convention. Obviously and thrice painfully so, further fighting a lost cause throws your own team’s money out the window; Hillary’s money for fighting you back out the door, not to mention all this money is lost versus Trump in the general election.

Bernie, the time is now to form the democratic coalition to:

  • aggressively move to brand Trump to his extremist positions and egg beater flip flopping.
  • plan the coalition’s presidential strategy state by state, and down-ballot congressional strategy seat by seat.
  • together redirect money on hand and raise much more for the general.
  • move Hillary’s time, energy and focus to branding Trump.

So Bernie, what will it be? A fight to your oblivion — truly #BernieOrBust? Or a revolution after all! And the chance of your lifetime — to see a Liberal Nation Rising.

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