RAPE Is ANY Amount OF Action!

You have sold your son out! Huge Mistake! You are disgusting. I can see where Brock gets his morals and values.

Instead of writing a stupid whiny letter about “poor Brock and how devastated he is, you should have acted like a responsible parent!

You should have made no excuses for his behavior. “Poor Brock” who is quiet and doesn’t “pre-judge anyone.” Gentle Brock, who doesn’t boast or brag about an accomplishment.

Well now he has something to brag about, doesn’t he? Getting a 3 month sentence for an officious rape of an unconscious woman!!

Mentioning that Stanford was “out of his League for a poor Midwestern boy.” You were concerned about Stanfords’ “culture of alcohol consumption and partying.”

Every school has a “Culture of alcohol consumption and partying.” Every single one! Because that is how men socialize their sons. You tell your sons everyone does it in college, “just don’t get caught!” And a woman who is conscious or unconscious is fair game!

And finally all the sob story about how Brock’s life has been “Deeply altered forever by his crime- He will never be his happy go lucky self again. He is anxious, depressed, lacks appetite, isn’t interested in making his big “ribeye steak.” Boo-hoo-hoo!

Unfortunately, there are many many many parents out there of 20 year old college students and if my son had done something as pernicious as yours, I certainly would not be crying about it across the globe and begging the judge for leniency. I’m pretty sure that approach did not work for all of the non-White non-elitist men convicted of rape, who were incarcerated and in fact, were innocent! What made Brock worthy of such leniency and the other innocent men not? You did!!

I would be telling my son to deal with the consequences of his actions. Because this is a learning opportunity! If you want to become a productive member of society, you don’t shirk responsibility for rape. Now Brock has no respect for himself; no understanding of the ramifications of his behavior. To him it was “20 Minutes?” It was a “slight bump” in the road.

Here Is What Brock Has Left in Life:

1.Registered Sex Offender! Something he will never escape. Proud of him now?

2. A Mugshot

3. The Ultimate prize of being a white, entitled, scumbag.

4. No college

5. No job

6. No life

Even suggesting that Brock would be a good contributor to society in educating other students about the dangers of alcohol consumption and sexual promiscuity- seriously? We are not talking about promiscuity! We are talking about rape. Rape. Rape! RAPE!

Here is what Brock’s victim has left in Life:

For simple non-crime of “being Drunk and passing out”

1. Permanent, forever, rape victom

2. Nightmares about her rape

3. Excruciating and invasive examination to document her rape

4. Court and trial

5. Victim blaming for drinking and passing out

6. Constant fear about having a man touch her

7. Scathing, hateful viewpoints such as yours about “20 minutes of action.”

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