When do rats board a ship?

When, and why, would we observe rats board a ship? We all know the cliche that rats will abandon a sinking ship, often before the human occupants of the ship are aware of its dire condition. If you hang around the waterfront of a city, you can learn some interesting things from rats.

Typically, when a ship docks, the rats will scamper over the mooring lines to return to land for a time while it is emptied and repaired. Then, about the time when the vessel is about to cast off on a new voyage, the rats will return. I do not know if it is the same rats, following a ship that they have chosen to inhabit, or not. But when the ship goes out, there are rats below once again.

So when we observe some of the most detestable people in media lining up to get on the payroll of the Donald Trump campaign, it prompts some questions. Why these media types? I would be sending over public relations specialists and speechwriters, if anyone were to ask for my suggestions about what the Trump campaign needs. But apparently they need Roger Ailes in some way that I do not understand, unless Trump’s ambitions are something other than realizing his bid for the presidency.

To that topic, a lot of speculation is buzzing through the media that Trump’s real ambition is to mount a new media outlet devoted to conservative causes. This would capitalize on the two million or so Americans who voted for Trump during the primaries. Two million is an enormous number of potential viewers if you want to impress sponsors. Since it is a characteristic of The Donald to put his name on everything he promotes, at least until it goes bankrupt, we will probably be seeing something like the Trump News Network after November.

Personally I am hoping that this comes about. I hope that Trump plows his entire fortune into it, along with millions from his fascist friends. The idea that two huge conservative news organizations will be twice as popular as one, namely Fox News, is highly debatable. It is a risk, I think, to assume that the conservative audience will switch from 24 hours a day of Fox to 24 hours a day of Trump.

Let’s also consider Trump’s appeal to his audience. Will that transfer over to the many program hosts he will have to hire–will they want to watch some host as much as they want to watch Trump sounding off? That is also a questionable assumption.

But I hope he goes ahead, signs the corporate billionaires up to underwrite him, and goes for it. Nothing would make me happier than seeing them all lose billions before they have to shut their offices and give in to what is left of the Fox News audience, which is already one of the oldest demographics there are. When the saints go marching into Washington, led by Hillary Clinton and followed by all the newly-elected Democratic congresspeople, it will be a pleasure to watch the new Congress pass laws requiring corporations to pay their fair share of taxes–followed by tax reform for millionaires. It’s a glorious prospect, so let Trump throw in the last of his cards with the last gasp of American fascists before the gray-haired old geezers lie down and die. How much money can you stuff into a coffin?

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