The Real Reason Why You Should Be Scared of Donald Trump!

OK, we know that Donald Trump is an egotistic moron who has insulted the intellegence of even young children. We can’t in our wildest dreams imagine that the people of this country would elect such a know-nothing bone head as president, even if this is the Republicans revenge for having Obama as president for 8 years.

What we don’t see happening here in the US, is a world wide reaction to the refugee crisis caused by the collapse of Syria, and why Donald Trump’s call to build a wall and to ban all Muslim refugees plays right into that narrative.

Even countries Bernie Sanders refers to as Progressive Liberal guide posts, are turning against immigrants feeling they are invading their land.

I am talking about Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland as well as most other EU countries.
Since the Syrian Crisis, the rise of former Nazi sympathizers has continued to grow in the form of new democratic parties that have hidden themselves behind a Swedish ethnicity crisis anthem. Their goal is to keep their culture pure.

The politically correct elite politicians are trying to destroy the great nation of Sweden by building an alliance in minorities to insure that normal people miss out.

Sounds a little familiar doesn’t it?

It doesn’t take much imagination to see that the politics of Donald Trump are playing into the same mindset as these countries. Many have claimed that what happened in Germany before WW2 could never happen again, but it is. No one could have predicted the rise of Hitler, just like our media could never have predicted the rise of Donald Trump.

I am not saying that Trump will eventually try to take over the world. What I am saying is that political parties all over the world are scapegoating their problems onto refugees, who for all practical purposes are just like us, trying to escape the horrors of war.
We cannot let this “us against them” ideology win over our country’s values. We must look at the true cause of our economic woes without trying to scapegoat those who are in the greatest need.

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