Red States Could Turn Blue Against Trump In 2016

With polls indicating a close race in swing states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida—Trump hasn’t wasted time suggesting that he could have a big impact on the electoral map as we know it.

Telling the Associated Press earlier this month that he “would win states that no Republican would even run in.” The strategy looks to be using his pull with white, working class voters to try and capture some swing states and flip states that Democrats have held for many years. The Trump campaign is staffing offices in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Maine and Wisconsin.

However, it looks like he has to first worry about maintaining states that Republicans already count on.

Recently, Public Policy Polling has released numbers for Arizona and Georgia, and each are showing that they could possibly turn blue before they would allow a Trump presidency.

With Trump holding on to a mere 4 point lead now in these traditionally red states, it may be time for Republicans to become anxious about the prospects of their presumptive nominee.

In Arizona, Sen. John McCain has now expressed concern of Trump negatively impacting his Senate race, as many Latino voters could pull away from Republicans because of Trump.

As for Georgia, it will be the African American population that could go largely for Clinton and decide the state.

The Clinton campaign and Democratic Party’s best bet will surely be implementing a strategy working to mobilize minority voters to vote against Trump in these states come November, while also being conscious of the support she will need from Independents, Bernie Sanders supporters and the further-left base of the party.

If we begin to see a pattern of Republicans losing ground in traditionally red states, one can only assume it will be the beginning of the reality that has been feared for months now of Trump setting the Republican Party back decades.

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