Do you remember when Germany was among the great nations of Europe?

No, I don’t either. My mother and father, in the Fifties when I was a child, held deep personal resentments against Germany. They held Germany responsible for the Second World War. My mother was Polish by descent, and she actually saw the American traitors called Das Bund when they paraded through the streets of Chicago’s Northwest Side, a large Polish neighborhood. She was deeply affected by the threats that were shouted at the Polish Americans by those who were not today’s Neo-Nazis, but actual American traitors who considered themselves real National Socialists.

The Bundists were the basis of the powerful film, “Stalag 17,” a film about a traitor in a German prisoner-of-war camp. William Holden won the Oscar for his performance, and the film is well worth watching today. It can be found on Youtube here:

Moving right along, years later as a young woman I was told by some veterans of the European Theater about the truly horrible punishment that was inflicted on Germany for their leading role in the war. They told me about the fire-bombing, which they maintained was even worse than the nuclear force that was unleashed on Japan.

Now, unbelievable as it may seem, a few Americans have turned all their talents and energy to destroying the America that we grew up with. Steve Bannon calls himself a Leninist and says that all the social structure of America ought to be demolished. I can understand Lenin, a little, when I think of him living under Czarist Russia. The inequality of wealth and privilege must have tormented adults in Russia at the time. But where is the Leninist justification for destroying America? If you think we ought to ask Vladimir Putin and accept his antiquated Cold War mentality, you are, to put it politely, living in a fool’s paradise. It ended when the Berlin Wall came down. Putin can spend the rest of his life trying to recreate that Soviet Union. I don’t really care. But what does all that have to do with America? Well, the short answer is money.

I remember how Germany was still under the shadow of the war when I was a child in the Fifties. Germany was still thought of as a bad country. And think about that! Bach, Beethoven and Brahms; Felix Mendelssohn; Handel’s “Messiah;” works of art, philosophy and architecture; great athletic achievements including the Olympics What happened to this Germany, a great nation among other great nations?

Politics, that’s what happened. There arose in Germany a group of cynical people who saw racism as a means to acquire power. Power was their route to world domination. Can you believe that? Look at a map of the world, for the love of God–Germany is a tiny spot on the European map. World domination, really? They thought their ally in Japan could take China? Look at the map again! How likely is that?

So now a group of cynical and dishonest Americans is pushing an agenda of repression and persecution towards you and me, for money. Russia seems to have promised lots and lots of millions of dollars to our so-called president. Just sign the list of bills and executive orders that he does not understand and cannot read. If you think this is just fine with you–if you want to grab a woman by her crotch or throw rocks at a synagogue (or worse), and if you think the concentration camps in Europe were fine, look around.

What happened to Germany after the war can happen to us. It is possible that a coalition of nations in the world just might band together to put a stop to the shenanigans of a Putin-Trump alliance. Republican politicians may discover that they have a few shreds of patriotism left in their debased character. The American people–who are not ignorant, poverty-stricken Russian peasants by a long shot–may learn that there is a time when there is nothing to lose.

If you do not remember the fallen Germany, do you remember the Civil Rights Movement? Do you remember when African American people finally arrived at the point where they had nothing to lose? People got hurt–white people got hurt! People from all over the diverse America were murdered and tortured and people like Jeff Sessions let their racism run wild and persecuted Americans for the “crime” of trying to register to vote. Now Sessions has lied his way into temporarily occupying the office of Attorney General of the United States.

Sessions is on his way out already. Trump is on his way out of office. Hillary Clinton is the rightful president of the United States. It is going to get worse before it gets better, and people are going to get hurt. It’s now or never: all hands on deck.


UPDATE: after a visit to Langley Air Force Base and reviewing the classified file on Trump and the Russian dossier, the Intelligence Committee is beginning a bipartisan investigation immediately. It will open this month. It is now time for Trump to do what Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon did, and resign for the good of the country. Otherwise he will go out of office in disgrace for treason. It really doesn’t matter to me–does he want to go down hard or easy?

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