Is There a Republican Breaking Point?

I don’t think anyone will disagree that the new President’s first week created more unanimity in the Country than we have seen in a long time. In his first week, our tiny fingered POTUS has antagonized Jews, Immigrants, Muslims, Media members, the CIA, the NSA, and, given his disapproval numbers, the Citizenry at large. That is quite an accomplishment. On the other hand he was cheered by Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan. The only people sticking with him like an abused spouse are the Congressional Republicans. Let’s think about that.

I wonder why Republicans, tolerate the Golden Shower boy when he is everything many of them have always been highly critical of in our Nation. He is a womanizer, friendly with communists and dictators in Russia, not really warm and fuzzie with free trade and judging by the fact that he took the first weekend of his POTUSship off and is now going to Florida for another vacation after a week, pretty lazy. He has antagonized almost every foreign power we worry about such as China, who said it looks like war this week. And yet, Republicans in the House and Senate have yet to disown him.

The reason is simple. The Congressional Republicans see an opportunity to RULE. Trump can send out tweets and have 21 year olds write Executive Orders all he wants so long as he signs off on budget cuts, kills environmental and other regulation and most importantly will repeal the ACA. There are countervailing pressures here. They are called mid term elections 21 months away. The more havoc Trump creates, the longer the memories of the voters will be. Republicans know that. There is nothing Trump can do LEGISLATIVELY that can’t be undone by the same methods by a Democratic Congress if they were to come in in 2018 and impeach both Trump and Pence.

Trump will not change. He and his NAZI pals are playing dictator for fun and profit. They will continue to do it so long as there is no adult in the room that has POWER superior to their’s. That is the republican majorities. They can read polls. When Trump falls below 30 percent approval, its my guess they won’t be able to hold out longer if they wish to exist politically. If that happens and there is a large event; war, economic collapse et cetera, the potential is there for Trump to totally bungle it. Politically, this could destroy the republicans. Remember some pundits were saying six months before Trump got the nomination that the Republican party was finished. Is Trump their Waterloo?

My belief is that until an actual disaster occurs the Republicans will hold. There will be a few that will go out on their own, but they will mostly hold to impose their agenda on America. The smart ones in the party know how fragile the Republican Majority is. They won the presidency while losing the popular vote, losing seats in the House and losing seats in the Senate. Some of them keep saying to give Trump a chance. Its early. We have now seen Trump in action. He is the disaster which many predicted. And he’s now going on vacation. How long did that “Pivot” to the General Election take? Don’t hold your breath.

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