The Republicans are coming for your Social Security

After generations of lying about Social Security, the Republican Congress is giddy with the prospect of cutting or killing the support net that literally keeps Americans alive. If you doubt this you have not been reading the news, as in Paul Ryan practically salivating in front of the cameras as he dithers only about how long it will take for the House of Representatives to set up the bills that they will create to impoverish and literally starve Americans to death.

It is heartbreaking for me to see the Trump voters look forward to making America great again under what everyone except themselves sees as a new Fascist who is an enemy to American democracy. When Trump starts signing the bills and the Department of Education budget gets gutted while the remaining money is shuttled into the private sector, we will see the template for removing the barriers to unrestrained competition for profit over safety. Employees don’t need breaks; they don’t need sick leave–nothing that decreases “productivity.”

I was still working actively when productivity became a catch word. Now we see the billionaires being named to the new Cabinet–most of the board of Goldman Sachs, for example. President Obama saved the American auto industry and pushed a package of laws for economic recovery, and does he get credit? It really looks to me like the Trump machine has to crash and burn amid an uprising in the streets before the American people see that America was great before Trump came along. America was conceived as a great nation–but also as a good nation. Turning poor elderly people out of their homes and into the street is not the act of a good nation. And when America is no longer a good nation, it will no longer be a great nation.

So the people who are protesting that Trump is wonderful–a kingly man, a savior in the mold of Jesus–are whistling in the dark. The racists who are spitting their racial hatred at the Obama family in the last few days of this administration cannot comprehend that the upcoming Republican program of stealing money from the treasury would apply to them. It will happen to them. It is the people, white, black and other, who are going to be told that there is no more school for their grandchildren. It is nothing to the Trump administration if the school system degenerates into the cesspool that African Americans have experienced for hundreds of years.

Do I mean to say that little white children are going to be treated like little black children, losing out on food, education and decent housing? Well, don’t take my word for it. Read the Republican platform. Or visit Social Security Works, an organization that is trying to make people understand what the Republicans, led by Paul Ryan, are gearing up to do.

And while they are drawing up their plans to rob you, the Trump administration is trying to collect information on what teachers might be teaching liberal ideas, and just who in this country is a Muslim. And all the while the Republicans are spouting the wonders of Trump, pretending that he is great and still not ready to give up their proven strategy of bulling their way through a controversy and hoping that it will go away. But the Trump cabinet is not going to go away. They are just getting started.

Visit to learn more about your future without Social Security and the future of corporations that take the money out of it and run.

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