Stomping On Women’s Rights and the Cycle of Poverty: Part 2

Part 2

So… Poverty…continuing from Part 1. Our woman is pregnant and can’t get an abortion. Or, she goes to a “Pregnancy Crisis Center” and finds out it has no medical personnel. It’s a “fake” clinic with the sole purpose of talking her out of the abortion. Thank you Republicans for this deceit.

At the forefront of these centers is Georgia State Senator Renee Unterman, sponsor of Georgia Senate Bill 308 which would create a grant program through the Georgia State Department of Public Health that promotes pregnancy and parenting efforts. Sen. Unterman has said that these centers provide positive alternatives to abortion and that they help reduce the number of abortions performed in the state through the ultrasounds and counseling they provide.

According to Planned Parenthood however, these centers

  • Give incomplete information about a woman’s options: Abortion, Adoption, and Parenting.
  • Try to frighten women by showing misleading films and pictures to prevent a woman from choosing abortion.
  • May lie to a woman about the medical & emotional effects of abortion.
  • May tell you you are not pregnant even if you are, which would fool you into continuing the pregnancy without knowing it.
  • May discourage you from using certain methods of birth control that are safe and effective.

It is astounding how LOW these Republicans GO!!

Woman/Child Has Baby

Woman, child has baby she cannot afford. Why? Many reasons.

  • She may be working multiple jobs and still not earn a living wage. (Walmart).
  • She may not be able to afford childcare on her poverty wage. Who is going to take care of the kids?
  • She may be a child- 10-11- YES it happens! Girls get pregnant as soon as they start having periods! FACT! Incest, Rape! Ignore all the myths that Republicans spew to deny that violent rape prevents pregnancy!
  • She may be mentally ill or mentally challenged, which would render her unable to make the decision to get pregnant while being fully informed. I’ve worked extensively with the poor, the mentally ill, mentally disabled, physically disabled and it’s amazing how many unscrupulous businesses “go out of their way” to take advantage of a female’s lack of reading skills, comprehension, etc. It’s truly amazing the number of “church-going people” out there who don’t give a damn about any of these people!People who claim to be Christians and who actually demonstrate none of the “Christian Values” that Jesus did!

Republicans Add to Poverty by Cutting Services

Paul Ryan’s latest budget proposed to cut funding to poor people. Because he doesn’t give a damn! It’s very easy for these Republicans to cut WIC and Food Stamps to the poor because they can. They don’t even try to find other avenues to save money. Where are those Christian Values now?

Republicans Cut Sex Education in Schools

Because they don’t want anyone to know how to prevent getting pregnant. Christian Values?

Results …. Girls get pregnant. Go back to the beginning and start the whole cycle over.

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