Republicans “Think and Pray” While Democrats Take Action On Gun Violence

As I sit here right this minute, the Democrats are staging a sit-in on the floor of the House of Representatives to demand that Paul Ryan allow debate and a vote on common sense gun control. The NRA is in the House and so far, they have been winning. Lord knows the NRA took care of that pesky Senate filibuster last week. Begs the question – when did we elect the NRA to run both the House and the Senate?

There were 4 bills proposed in the Senate and all 4 were defeated. The Democratic Bill got 54 votes, but Mitch McConnell demanded 60 votes to pass. There is no provision in the Constitution that requires 60 votes, but McConnell is using a “procedural” Senate Rule to prevent anything being done about anything.

The House is easier to control. They just don’t allow votes and debate is prohibited by Paul Ryan. Apparently, we have only 1 person in the Senate and 1 person in the House to decide what the entire country gets to hear about, debate the merits of, or vote upon.

Breaking news, here. Not only did Ryan refuse to hear debate. Not only did Ryan refuse to allow a vote. Ryan recessed the House so there is no business on the floor at all. THEN, Ryan turned off the cameras so no one could see the Democrats protest by staging a peaceful sit-in. So the Democrats began tweeting and using social media and sending images. So Ryan just had the Sargent at Arms request that House members stop using their cameras, stop tweeting and stop posting what is happening. That way America cannot get information. The Press is not allowed on the House floor except through C-Span which was turned off by Ryan. (To be fair, Ryan probably didn’t give every order, but when one wants to be in charge…the buck stops with that one).

Understand this….Paul Ryan refused to hear debate or allow a vote. He dismissed the House. He shut off the cameras. He blocked the Press. He ordered the Democratic members of the House to stop taking pictures or giving the American people the information they need to stay informed about our elected officials. One man. One man – from Wisconsin. One man has shut down the House of Representatives, blocked the press, and now seeks to silence all Democrats in the House from informing their constituents or the American people about what that one man chooses to do.

The NRA is in the building and meeting with Republicans. The NRA is telling Republicans what it will allow in OUR House of Representatives. What it will not allow in OUR Senate. What is allowed in OUR country. What is allowed in OUR neighborhoods. What is allowed in OUR schools and theaters and churches and college campuses and Christmas parties.

The NRA is not elected. They are the paid advertising agency and lobbyists for gun manufacturers. Yes they have a membership of millions of gun owners. Gun owners they do not care about. Gun owners they do not listen to. Gun owners that are being betrayed for gun sales.

They do not support the Second Amendment, they support gun sales for manufacturers. At lest one leader of the NRA even promotes the armed overthrow of our government using the guns it promotes on its websites, magazines and sales talks. The Second Amendment is merely their sales pitch. It is the cattle call for people who believe the NRA is working to protect their rights. They are not. They are working for the gun manufacturers to increase gun sales. And now that self-serving psuedo advertising agency has taken over our House of Representatives and our Senate. That “Mad Men” advertising agency is trying to silence opposition, debate and voting on behalf of the American people. It is a glorified advertising agency. Let that sink in.

Then call Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and tell them to throw the bastards out of OUR House and Senate.

Then when you are done, fire Paul Ryan in Wisconsin and make sure that Mitch McConnell is sent to the back of the room in a Democratic Senate. Paul Ryan may have stopped this vote in the House today, but We the People get to vote in November. Republicans should remember than an advertising agency will not save their jobs at the cost of our country, our Constitution, our homes and families.

#NoBillNoBreak. Congress has had enough days off for the last 8 years. Time to actually get to work and remember they don’t work for an advertising agency, or lobby group; and, their paychecks don’t come in the form of campaign contributions. They work for the people, they serve at our pleasure, and we demand they listen to what 94% of Americans are screaming for on and off the Hill.

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