Rigged elections and the immigration that isn’t

In his continuing quest to justify his candidacy, Donald Trump is doing his best to spread the story that illegal border-crossers are “pouring in” across the (southern, of course) border to vote Democratic next month in the upcoming presidential election. Apparently he isn’t worried about a lot of illegal Canadians trying to influence the outcome.

The most disturbing aspect of Trump’s behavior is not that he would lie to get elected. It is that he seems to think that such a thing is possible–that a Mexican national could somehow establish himself/herself in an American town near the border, like Nogales, Arizona, and then vote in the November election.

What’s so hard about that? Well, let me tell you what’s so hard about that. First, immigration into the United States is at zero right now. There is no significant number of people crossing our borders right now. But okay, these hordes of illegals might be doing it all at night, under cover of darkness. Let’s grant that.

Next, the newly-arrived people will have to register to vote. Is Trump under the impression that people just show up at polling places and ask to vote, get a ballot and vote? He ought to know better; Republicans are very experienced and knowledgable about repressing voter registration, as we see with Rick Scott in Florida. He has grabbed the passing through of Hurricane Matthew as an excuse not to extend voter registration there.

So Trump is telling us that thousands of people who don’t speak English, have no American passports and no voter-registration cards are going to show up in numbers that could throw the presidential election to the Democrats. You would believe that?

Americans register to vote all the time. We can do it online or while doing other things like getting or renewing a driver’s license. If you have ever voted, you probably remember presenting your registration card or license so that your name can be checked off on the long computer printout of registered voters–and then crossed off for this time. One vote per election is the limit.

So I wish that Trump would explain in a little more detail just how these thousands of illegal temporary residents are going to steal our election. It seems to me that since Republicans did actually steal the election of George W. Bush, it’s much more likely that their shenanigans will be flagrantly visible to the world when November rolls around (and it can’t roll around too quickly for me). But that’s another article. It’s about fraud, treason and corruption.

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