Rising Above Those Who Live Above The Rest

More than a millennium of potential conflicts of interest for the man who would be global king, there is a definite shift from common sense and human decency to the resurgence of closed minds in open armed embrace of, Hail Trump white supremacy.

Indeed, it seems the response of nearly 50% of Americans, to economic recovery, cutting unemployment in half and adding millions of jobs — despite the absence of a jobs bill passed by Congress, is: there’re too many corporate regulations and too much cultural change tipping our comfort zone too colorfully, into indiscriminate parity.

The term limit, however, on our renewed reversal is up to us. So, like a torpedo, shall we launch again our zig-zagging journey to the target of rising above that which desires to forever keep us undertow?

Change for the better requires compassion and imagination, not hate and ignorance — more trusting in The Good Samaritan within, than a K.I.S.S. political slogan ignoring the devil in the lack of details — or, we live in the shadow of the greater of two evils.

America’s victory over foreign terrors is domestic insight, for We the People self-examine and redefine courage every moment we offer to listen, to assist, to value and to vote, One for All and All for One.

Our mission, now: get over feeling sorry for ourselves, and answer the history making call to action: carry on, beyond future fearing conservative minds mired in the tomfoolery — that anyone’s gain must be at the detriment of their glittering fool’s gold.

Knowing freedom’s greatest gift is voting for, rather than against each other, we will progress forever forward — at liberty to be vigilant and valiant in every endeavor.

Those casting their lot with the great deceiver, have thrown their self-centered gauntlet at the feet of democracy, challenging our emancipation to rise up and lead the way out of the darkness of despair, violence and repression, into the light of strength in America’s sweeping embrace of equality, freedom and justice for all — without exception — for this is the essence of civics and foundation of patriotic citizenship.

With pride and gratitude joined stronger together than ever by a need for mutual respect and civility, let us reset our national vision, balance our scales of justice, and with our eyes re-opened, flood our institutions, and assumptions, with vision revitalized, the power of uplifting one another and forgiving ourselves for past trespasses, without repeating them.

Recount yes, but with malice toward none is our only true choice for overcoming any rigging of America’s commitment to Out of Many, One.

From gossip around the pork barrel and over backyard fences to shots taken on Social Media heard round the world, some of us have followed the lead of preached misperceptions of, and the winner is.

There is no victory for those who profit from mass incarceration of people of any color, and no defeat for those who continue to stand in solidarity with Standing Rock and against the murder of police, the erosion of our planet and the oppression of our differences.

It would be naďve to expect life’s fear of making the difference, by being exceptionally different, could turn on one singular eight-year term of a bi-racial, adroit gentleman of magnanimous constitutional scholarship, marital loyalty and historic vision. Was it ever thus?

Lesson? Those who choose to rise above those who cast themselves as living above the rest, — hear the whispering voice within, roaring anew: Seize the Day!

Only the self-defeated fail to ascertain, collective angry choices result in individual losses. Believing in a self-serving Pied-Piper denies this truth: vengeance, not left to a higher power, becomes a devastating boomerang for gullible, arrogant mortals.

Character is our measure, and all are defined by the company we keep and shall be eternally judged, by the actions our words incite.

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