The Roar of Rural White America  

Before casting my first presidential vote, disabled WWII Veteran, Conservative white Texas anti-JFK Democrat, Attorney-at-Law – licensed to argue before the Supreme Court – Doyle Borchers invited me to Annapolis for coffee. Doc’s lesson, ‘What you Liberals don’t get is, America isn’t just East & West Coasts — it’s all that lies between.’

Immigration is not new to Middle America. However, the concern of losing one’s culture amidst more minorities who don’t speak American, can be frightening to some whose life experience has been diversity deprived — but our 2016 election Faultline is more than the politics of Immigration and race, gender & sexual equality.

Our clash of time vs. culture; expectations vs. experience; to the rear march vs. full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes offers: do-over of lost dreams or digesting melting pot reality.

Elections are our opportunity for in-depth National, State, Local, Family and individual soul searching — because chasing the past by ignoring the future, has severe term limitations:

  • Can Conservatives define the change they seek?
  • To what values do Conservatives want America to return?
  • Which America are we to be or not to be? Globalists saving the earth from ourselves or: it’s not my problem Isolationists?
  • Are Sequestration, Secession and War the only solutions we have, to heal our Great Divide?

Truth is, Donald Trump has been dishonest with Americans hungry for anything that looked, sounded and promised anything — different.

So, while the popular vote elected Hillary Clinton, the unpopular vote willingly prostrated before the altar of hacked memories, over future innovation; preferring deregulation allowing coal ash, Fracking and Factory Farms to steal our healthy environment. The unpopular vote chose Paul Ryan’s cutting Medicare and the fantasy that anyone can revive an industry abandoned by coal executives, bequeathing coal families the pacifier of clean coal fiction.

In the middle of the night 11/9/16, corporate media talkers, talking the predictable predictions stumbled out of programed fantasyland into a glimmer of the light at the end of their tunnel vision — to see through the glass ceiling darkly — what happened between Hillary’s contested victory over Bernie in the 2015 Iowa Caucus and James Comey’s email flip flops: knowing when to hold them for pollsters and when to fold them in voting booths, the industrial cavalry had arrived.

However, FDR Baby Boomers to Bernie Millennials hadn’t been joined by the post November 22, 1963 African-American voters nor 2016 offended women and Hispanic voters — not enough to purge the mob-rule of the Alt-Right, or sway Americans determined to force-feed the college educated the consequences of potential long-term disaster, to make a narrow point.

So, Blue Fire & Mexican Wall focused, we discounted the uncounted diminishing white majority — forgetting, there is passion in fear as well as herstory. Lessonsto learn: The Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton, to assume is to make an ass out of you and me; And Trump’s lesson: keep it simple stupid.

Most Republicans, including Trump voters aren’t bullies and racists, but too many voted to preserve the life in a rearview mirror that’s lost its silver-lining. Forgetting time waits for no one to keep up, is no defense against memories colored by rusty overlays, overlapping visits to grandma’s house with longing to rerun black and white TV serials.

The Bad News: some American families believe their financial security and personal stability have been lost by a myopic media able to focus us on only one, if it bleeds it leads, storyline a week.

The Good News: Media, government and Wall Street respect what we tell them we respect, for they need our consumerism and votes more than we need their gossip, filibustering political ads and TV commercials.

The Best News: When the Promised Land is promised by those who break their promises, we have a teachable moment, if we’re open to it.

The Immediate News: False prophets preaching division have forgotten, America’s national fabric survives political wear and tear, to the degree each of us believes in the value of all of us.

Clearly we didn’t vote for the gender, history, age or race of either candidate. We voted despite character, to spite the perceived Establishment. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but America got stuck with the most unpopular candidate in modern history — at least since Bush/Cheney.

Fortunately, like a timely pendulum, America’s moods swing freely in reaction to the last shock or awe. Next time, however, if we want to make a point, run for office, sign a justice for all petition and physically visit Congress, once a month.

Point taken!?!

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