From Russia With Love:  Donald Trump

It’s a new year, new administration, maybe even a new dusk before the darkness, but anarchy at 2017 Inauguration would be a bloody self-destructive pendulum swing and a miss reaction, to the demagoguery of a reality faker saluted at mob ruled political rallies – and most of the people, some of the time, are much better than such chaos in the street.

So be reasonable, remembering no matter the obstacle, there’s always the option to: Peacefully assemble — then see how they constitutionally run.

When at the helm of our Ship of State, we position financially craven opportunists, blood sucking hero worshipers blinded by the glitter of a fool’s gold – right arms in salute to touch his graven image – we the humanitarian nation of hope, recognizing our mistake in judgmental judgement reject with the clarity of reasonable review, fact checking and human decency.

However, we abuse hope if our only faith is in waiting for those who trumped their voting privilege, or pathetically too apathetic to vote at all, suddenly experience an Epiphany in time to un-Right our mind-set, stop settling for settlements avoiding court jester appearances, admit the human truth in melting glaciers and, eject he who satisfies cravings by grouping 140 characters.

Infringing on the freedom of the press, we see how they run a country like bankrupt businesses.

Our Revolution, will reverse Right Wing direction of Koch head deregulation, sexual prejudice against LGBTQ community, dehumanizing the disabled, celebration of racists, secession from stewardship of a clean livable environment and the rise again of white supremacy.

Emancipate also, our social and informational foundation, by insisting our news media cease and desist wallowing in redundancy thinking news is telling us what they think we should be thinking. That’s not investigative reporting, but gossip a la round table. We need more Jack ‘Joe Friday’ Webb, Just the facts, ma’am, and less Tabloid competition.

When our thinking is left to us, we see how they run with deception.

We can rely on our 45th president to increasingly be his own worst enemy, but our resistance can’t wait for the 115th to admit enough is enough.

Indivisible is produce of First Amendment, confirming, because all politics is local, the one thing an elected official craves more than Wall Street handouts and K. Street acceptance is: our vote for their re-election.

So, invade City Councils, County & School Boards, State Legislatures, governors’ mansions, Offices of House Representatives and the U. S. Senate — and in peaceful ensemble, dissolve Trump’s superficial infrastructure.

Only the taken for granted expect Trump to listen, but the wise will engage in massive displays of paying close attention to every word he says and all he fails:

In the last dozen days of the Obama administration, the best thanksgiving with which to honor our Constitution is to peacefully defend its guarantees to all Americans – and to listen to the encore ensemble of the new President-Elect’s plea to, before discovering something is rotting in the state of Conservative extremists.

Thanks to Edward Snowden, we know global spy masters at the NSA give the president immense spying powers, which means, as of January 20, 2017 Donald Trump will have the power to spy on all his political opponents — it will be like Watergate on steroids, combed over.

Nonetheless, if not love immediately — letters to editors, calls to members of Congress, emails to state legislatures, sit-ins at nearest government office building, petitioning courts at every level to, Stay, the presidential election, until further investigation of

  • conflicts of interest for nominees
  • probable criminal mob activity of potential POTUS
  • possible treasonous anti-American attack on the sovereignty of the United States of America in conjunction with a foreign power

As descendants, recipients and veterans of Peacefully Assemble, we honor America by shining the light of truth on the puppets of ignorance, arrogance and cowardice and then — see how the trumped run for cover, from each other.

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