See How They Run from Bully Trump to Back-Peddling Ben Stein

While we’ve been so Media focused on trumping Trump for gouging taxpayers with his bankruptcies, denigrating our military, bullying veterans who, suffered serving their country, now enduring PTSD — but still following orders to, hold until relieved , in a life threatening peace-time — waiting for earned medical treatment, from a grateful nation — Trump stopped the bleeding in second debate, now scorches America’s soul.

However, the point is MIA: When we permit our elected officials to break campaign promises regarding Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, affordable Health insurance, equal opportunity producing higher education, and OMG The Peace Dividend — we inherit the wind , agreeing, with hand over heart or flag lapel pin, taking the hypocrite’s oath, trumpeting — it’s smarter to take and project, pretending to be a blessing, than accepting accountability and equitable taxing.

When Americans allow overreach by Wall Street overlords, to perform nation building with pre-emptive wars for economic empire, each of us is the war monger, owner of the sweat shop and keeper of the gates to torture.

With massive assistance from ultra-conservatives fantasizing over a black and white TV America, it is all of us, indoctrinating sons, daughters, students and employees, who have created Donald Trump.

Whenever We the People , stand-by, eyes averted, ignoring ignorance, lost in Father Knows Best, with media talking heads in the sand, equating courage and character with income, athletic and sexual prowess — Bullying through racism, gender inequality, spousal abuse, sexual harassment, rape, and child molestation — thrives politically too.

Bullies are enabled by the lies we tell ourselves about them. Donald Trump is the natural pit bottom of polarized political desertion of honesty and integrity in the wake of Mushroom Cloud lies for invading Iraq, and creating ISIS.

Now, Ben Stein, my Grandmamma always warned, the greatest lie we tell is the lie we tell ourselves: GOP hasn’t been the party of High Moral Standing since before Mark Foley (R-FL) and remember Larry Wide Stance Craig — checked your portrait of Dorian Gray lately, Ben Stein?!?

Eisenhower, while a better politician when an international WWII general, swung into send them back , with Joe Swing’s anti-Mexican Operation Wetback. Ronald Reagan’s Trickle Down Economics cloned his Welfare Queens and the Republican Party hasn’t been the Grand Old Party of Lincoln since they exchanged places with the deplorable Dixie-crats in the decade of Kennedys and Kings.

Donald Trump pillars, Ben Stein and Rudy Giuliani, white wash truth about the traditional and historical Republican Party, from self-serving Robber Barons, to Government is the Problem politically manipulating us into, Make America Great Again .

Ben Stein, confusing party loyalty with patriotism, masks his own political sins promoting Mike Pence, ensconced in religious sanctity — hoping to fool the people you can’t fool all of the time — not to save America mind you, but the Republican leadership that deposited our future with Trump bankruptcies.

Ben Stein, your butt covering back-peddling will neither save you nor Wannabe neo-cons. So perhaps you should follow your own advice and, like Paul Ryan, drop out !

Real American patriots in uniform or not, of both genders and every color, creed and politics have, to the best of their ability, believing Uncle Sam has their back, lived honorably. However, neither Donald Trump nor Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz or Mike Pence are how America spells relief.

Amidst the storm of the latest Republican “gate,” in the wake of Bridge-gate, I ask, in our 2016 voting booths, will we connect the dots between Russian Hacks & Republican candidates; Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy & Matthew and our over consumerism; Locker Room Banter and Sexual Harassment?

Will we shatter the glass ceiling with Flash Mob Pantsuit Power , voting against those who project their sins, upon us?

Will we vote to un-mask the real Behemoth bankers behind our economic collapse, without blaming rich or poor?

Will hardworking Republican Americans accept they are not the only ones working hard?

Can The Right finally accept, though not themselves, racist, homophobic, misogynists or deplorable Bullies — the Congress and Governors they elect, are — and that’s #NotOK!

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