Sign The Petition: Protect the Clean Power Plan from the Trump Administration

Trump is trying to destroy America’s energy future while pushing the myth of clean coal. Sign the petition to stop him.

The petition from the Environmental Defense Fund states:

The Trump Administration is working to entirely eliminate the Clean Power Plan—America’s first-ever national limits on the carbon pollution spewing from our coal-fired power plants—in spite of the fact that large majorities of Americans in red and blue states alike support the Clean Power Plan and want swift action to implement and strengthen this vital safeguard, not tear it down.

This assault on the Clean Power Plan won’t just dial up pollution—it will hurt our economy by slowing the expansion of clean energy jobs while also increasing healthcare costs and leading to thousands of lives lost.

Trump touted bring clean coal back, but clean coal doesn’t exist. When a Republican says clean coal, what they really mean is sacrificing America’s sustainable clean energy future for economy limiting fossil fuels.

Make your voice heard by signing the petition here.

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