This is the sin no penance can atone

The Republican Party of the United States has made quite an issue on the topic of sin and their moral integrity as the guardian of our values. I would like to have a discussion of their values. It is not relevant, anymore, to do this in terms of political expediency and party politics. At this point we are ready to think in terms of right and wrong. Three things that Americans as a people consider wrong or bad are homophobia, racism and treason.

We will look at three prominent Republicans who embody the values that they sought to place at the highest priority for many years now. There is a low-profile candidate running for vice president as a Republican whose name is Mike Pence. His experience as a successful conservative talk-show host, plus a partial term as an inept governor, are his qualifications. So let’s look at them. Pence is an evangelical un-Christian religious fanatic who is terrified of Old Testament Christianity–a religion that does not exist.

To avoid the angry Monster God who sits next to his torture chamber in “Heaven,” Pence has learned to hate homosexual persons and to persecute them so as to distance himself the gay community that he despises. He also takes the position that women have no rights and do not deserve even to have their lives and health cared for. That is why his running mate’s behavior towards women does not trouble him, any more than he wastes any thought on whether or not black lives matter. Such creatures as gay Americans, women and African Americans are not human in his eyes. I must mention that statistically, the most rabid homophobes are usually self-hating, closeted gay men. That probability cannot be discounted. Meanwhile, you can take a look at the Republican party platform and see what other treats Pence has in store for those who might be stupid enough to vote against their own interests. Find the platform here:

On the issue of racism we don’t have to trot out old photos of the Civil Rights Movement. We need look no farther than the last eight years, in which Republican racist superstar Mitch McConnell organized the Senate Republicans into a team to obstruct President Barack Obama at every turn. And then–fool that he is–he announced to the press what his intention was! He tried to make Obama a one-term president by frustrating and obstructing every action he took. He failed miserably, but because it didn’t seem to bother either the conservative or the liberal racist communities, he has continued his contemptible actions for eight years now.

We must pause and stress the most important point about the persecution of President Obama and his family. It has nothing to do with his performance as president. It is simply because he is a black man. That is all. The everlasting shame that the Republicans have inflicted upon themselves has played out in front of the entire world as they have learned that, far from being post-racial, America is a nation with a giant cancerous tumor lodged in its gut called racism. Apparently the tumor is inoperable, or at least no remedy has been sought by the patient.

The undistinguished senator from Arizona, John McCain, has taken it upon himself to lead the treason parade. I had the pleasure of voting against McCain several times when I lived in Tucson for fifteen years, both in senate races and as a presidential candidate. As a candidate his open hostility to Barack Obama–again based solely on the color of Obama’s skin–was an embarrassment to McCain and to America. Last week McCain proudly assured us that he would carry on the obstruction of Supreme Court justice nominees if and when Hillary Clinton were to be elected. He is now running from those treasonous remarks, once his staff smacked him and told him to clean up the mess and shut up. But McCain has actually told us who he is–Arizona, are you finally going to believe him? McCain doesn’t even know what was wrong with his announcement in the first place!

Treason does not have to be violent insurrection. Those who accuse Chelsea Manning of treason have been silent on McCain and the rest of the Republians, who have spent eight years giving aid and comfort to our enemies with their actions against our government. They undermine the election process with rampant voter suppression and redistricting. They get in front of microphones and lie about the Obama administration. The Trump surrogates, not to mention Trump himself, lie until even “journalists” who refuse to check facts can’t take it anymore.

Now in terms of right and wrong, as I began, we come to the crux of the matter. The Republicans got in bed with the evangelical un-Christians many years ago, and all the damage they have done to America–including Americans who died for their antics–has been done in the name of what they call a church. They do these things in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, ignoring everything he taught and using Jesus as cynically as they use the money that they raise from the people who buy and sell them. Integrity and morality don’t enter into it! Voting for this sacrilege is more than stupid. It is wrong.

“This is the sin against the Holy Ghost. This is the sin no penance can atone:
To send forth rapine in the name of Christ: to set the face, and make the heart a stone.

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