We are speaking in incomplete sentences until next week

The cacophony of hate, fear, propaganda and outright lies is far from over. To most of us I daresay that the next few days will seem like a taste of eternity, until the election is consummated by those who wait until November 8 to vote.

A lot of attention is focused right now on Republican elected representatives who are foolishly doubling down on their promise to obstruct the Democratic candidate if she is elected. But this is what I am getting at–that is an incomplete thought. What they ought to be saying is that if they are re-elected to their seats in Congress, they will carry through on these threats. Don’t you think we might wait to see how many of them retain those seats before we listen to their threats?

It is a sad day in America when one party promises to use their powers to obstruct the other party, not to mention their vicious, treasonous racial hatred of our president. Sadder still is the fact that the GOP has no conception of their treason, or so it seems. We see more and more information coming out about rogue agents in the FBI and the emerging connection of actual treason on the part of Donald Trump. It is looking more and more like he has been a useful idiot for the Cold War mentality of Russian officials who think that it will somehow benefit them to undermine the order of world governments. This is silly. They have their own back yard to clean up, but they still think to be world players, manipulating and scheming just like the Cold War-minded Americans like the Cheneys and Rumsfelds of the world. Check Mike Malloy’s impassioned discussion of this situation by following this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HnHcG9lrSc&feature=youtu.be

It is also beginning to look like we know why Donald Trump will not release his tax forms, nor reveal his financial dealings over his private internet connection to and from Russia. Now we are really talking treason. If Trump is in debt to Russia up to his armpits, they can obviously pull his strings like a marionette. Just the embarrassment alone, should his real dealings become public knowledge, will obligate him to vacate whatever he is doing, even if he is president at the time.

I am going to ask the question again: how much do Republicans already know about this? Are they just waiting for investigation to run its course, and then dump Trump for Mike Pence who is a fervid acolyte of their odious platform? Has no one in the Trump camp thought about a colossal “Trump trap” that is unfolding before our eyes at this very minute, just days before many Americans cast their vote?

You might be thinking that I am casting rather a harsh judgment on Trump. Funny you should think of that. How is it that every single accuser of Bill Clinton is given complete credibility in the media–despite that Clinton was never tried for any crime–but not one of the nearly twenty women who have come for forward to accuse Trump of sexual assault are completely discounted? How is it that the fact that Trump will be going on trial this month for the rape of a child is not covered in the media, whereas the emails of Hillary Clinton–six years ago, again–get constant coverage?

In point of fact, Clinton’s private server was never hacked and nothing went wrong during the time when it ws used. But when you speak of the fraud perpetrated by Trump “University,” all the GOP can say is. “Emails that are six years old!” Mention Trump’s impending trial for the rape of a child and they reply, “Benghazi!!!” Isn’t this getting kind of old? If you ask me, there is a pattern here.

That pattern will devolve into the most far-reaching scandal the United States has ever seen, whether or not Trump wins the election. In fact, when he goes down the world will only remember that he was the Republican nominee. The efforts at voter suppression that are being tossed out of court every day only serve to further embarrass us. Is it only Republicans who can elect a president or appoint a Supreme Court justice? We shall see.

Meanwhile, ponder this? The last presidential scandal in the Democratic Party revolved around a love affair. But Republicans are so corrupt that they will sink to treason in order to get elected and destroy the American economy? Do you see an equivalency there? I don’t!

But that is my point about incomplete sentences. The walking scandal that is Donald Trump is going to embarrass us without fail. But what becomes of Republican obstruction depends on just who is still in Congress as of next week, to say nothing of who is elected president.

And who will decide that? You will.

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