Stop Trump’s GOP systemic Abuse of Children and Checks & Balances

Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure…Gettysburg Address

It’s hard to imagine even a third of We the 4th of July People being moved to act, by what my 5th grade teacher told me, are man’s weakest excuses – It’s not fair and It’s not my fault, to justify projecting one’s prejudices onto others.

Choosing between, half full or half empty determines our vision of what dreams may come.  However, the results of the choices we make are eternally, our fault.

Taking responsibility for aborting Roe v. Wade, the bigotry of white supremacists, hate crimes like Matthew Shepard’s murder, ICE child abuse, Opioid addiction, private prisons profiting from mass incarceration, racial discrimination, suicide by bullies, texting while driving, veteran homelessness, war for more, xenophobia and yes men for re-election – can be a heavy burden to bear, when simultaneously scorning the catalyst and outcome of our Revolutionary and Civil wars.

Summoning pragmatic brilliance:

  • Democrats stop dividing our imperfect party or we’ll be conquered by tyranny slipping by during the chaos of our infighting – AGAIN!
  • Rejoice, for not all the women and mothers in recent multi-state marches were Democrats – and embrace common goals and uncommon female power
  • Invade Congress with calls, texts, emails, FB posts, Tweets, Podcasts,
  • Notice Congressional members freely admit, one in-person appearance is worth one thousand votes, so carpool to DC Congressional buildings, your Congress person’s local state office or your Governor’s office – making all hear the us in USA
  • Let go of Alternative Facts claiming Anthony Kennedy was a Liberal Justice, because, at best, he was occasionally a reasonable Conservative

Let us unite for love regardless of the platform from which it is launched – standing up and standing tall for all, on iPods, Cell Phones, Laptops and soapboxes — for all children, families and the human decency of civil & human rights, granting justice for all, regardless of creed, heritage or backstory!

For thus united, not even the self- possessed Goliaths that caused America’s Great Recession, nor the collusion between Trump and Justice Kennedy can destroy our Checks and Balances.

For We the reasonable People, Pay it Forward with forward thinking possibilities:

  • A Democratic majority in both Congressional Houses
  • Congress has changed the number of Supreme Court Justices six times before — so why not a lucky 7th?

We the Thinking People must ask, is trusting a president, who gives State Secrets to Russians while making China great again, being bamboozled by Kim Jong-un and co-opted by Putin, patriotism, or twisting America’s Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day into a swastika revival?

If all human rights advocates united in one collective common cause, resurrecting the standards of Lincoln & JFK, Eleanor Roosevelt & Alice Paul, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Bobby Kennedy & Maya Angelou, and of course, Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Elena Kagan – we’d see beyond battling for black or white, rich or poor, male or female, gay or straight – and breathe the liberation of unity.  We might even grasp that America is not as divided as DC political rhetoric and national news media insist.

Nonetheless, don’t hesitate to dishonor dishonorable pretenders, nor live to honor Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, the 14th Amendment and what decency is Left in America.

Being Indivisible, let us lead in peaceful assembly not only in Street protests, but in Ballots cast, remembering, any object, president or government in motion, stays in motion, with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by a We the balanced People force.

Yes, there is little unity in our national reality show:  Corporatism and GOP have incited a great uncivil war of words, with Tweddle Dee Jordan and Tweddle Dumb Gowdy v. We the Courageous People casting Robert Mueller and DAG Rod Rosenstein as, Margaret Chase Smith.

However, electing Liberal Democrats, and insisting election results be transparent, saves our Exceptionalism from Mitch McConnell, and can bestow a reprieve from a Last Hurrah — with Trump Gone with the Wind.

Now, in memory of a stabbed to death 3-year-old, We the Loving People, must save every child’s future, from those who don’t.

Because, Love is Love!



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