Calling Out A Contradiction

Bernie and his surrogates say that super-delegates don’t count until they actually vote at the convention. The fact that many (most?) have publicly stated that they will vote for Hillary is unimportant because we should only count the actual votes already cast. This is Bernie’s rationale for continuing to mount what many describe as a futile campaign.


Bernie insists that he has a path to the nomination because polls show him beating Donald Trump by a greater margin than does Hillary. It only makes sense, he says, for the super delegates to throw their support – and votes – to him, because it is the goal of all Democrats to defeat Donald Trump and ensure that he never gets to the White House.

So a rigged (or more recently, dumber) system should be used to rig the nomination for Bernie because the end justifies whatever means is necessary.

Let’s take a closer look at this.

Votes don’t count until actually cast (super-delegates) except when anticipated six months out based on polls. Polls that no politician relies on because the factors at play won’t exist when it comes time to actually vote. The entire campaign season has seen Hillary’s favorability drop like a stone after relentless attacks by Republicans, innuendo by the media, and Bernie himself. I heard Jane Sanders yesterday tell Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC that this whole campaign the Democratic candidates have only debated issues. That the Republican tactics of attacking the person have not happened on the Democratic side. Seriously? Corrupt, establishment, lacking in judgment, beholden to special interests aren’t attacks on the character of Hillary Clinton?

Of course the Republicans have not attacked Bernie. He’s their dream candidate. If he were to become the nominee, there is a wealth of material for attacks. His one arrest for protesting followed by 50 years of deafening silence on anything related to civil rights? His essay imagining rape? His support of Lockheed Martin? His votes, five times, against the Brady Bill? His support for wars, bombings, and militarization? His nickname for years, “Bomber Bernie”? His vote against the amber alert system? His success naming two post offices his only legislative success after 25 years? His rating in connectedness to others in Congress almost the lowest? His support of the Sandinistas and “here, there, everywhere Yankees will have to die”? Lies about support from liberal organizations, celebrities that he had to take back? Lies about super PACs?

You can’t use logic to argue only one side. The logic, if sound, applies to alll sides. If superdelegates don’t count until they actually vote, then opinion polls can’t be used to formulate actions until those polled have actually cast a vote.

And Bernie? By any metric, Hillary has you beat by over 3 million votes, over 200 pledged delegates, and states won. Demanding that she embrace your agenda, choose a running mate based on your standards ignores the millions of voters who have not just chosen her, but have chosen her ideals, her policies, and her proposed plans to achieve those policies. We actually like her, respect her, and believe in her. Is she perfect? No. Is any politician? No. Is any person? No. But we still choose friends, support ideas, and understand that for most of us, we weigh the good against the bad and decide on who to support based on our own metrics. And Bernie? You lose.



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