Take in all the refugees

Let’s spit it out: America should take in all the refugees in the Middle East. Why? Because we, the American people, bear collective responsibility for their strife and misfortune. Not long ago we had a president by the name of George W. Bush who was, as Donald Trump said, America’s worst president ever. He and his advisers never, ever saw a war that they didn’t like. Bush was persuaded that if he played a round of war he would take his presidency to greatness. Where he got that idea I do not know but once I heard him state it.

Unleashing war and terror is never to be taken lightly, but I suppose the Bush administration felt that an exception might prove the rule. Well, if you mean that Bush’s exception proved that the rule against taking war lightly is correct, it certainly proved that. The fallout on Americans has occupied our attention for many years now, and only recently have the continuing manipulations of First World powers created a situation in which refugees are now fleeing from one war to another.

By now we have a true humanitarian crisis in the Middle East. It has risen to a level equal to the mass starvation in North Korea. Intervention is not easy, but as in the Korean situation, it is clear. The refugees must be relocated to safety, and they must have a new life. Anything else is suicide by Western powers. Those refugees are a time bomb who can go off in unimaginably horrendous ways if we do not deal with their situation the right way.

Nothing is stopping anyone from simply airlifting food to North Korea, either. Corrupt government officials can be overcome by sheer volume. Ships that anchor offshore and land supplies on the beach can supplement an airlift. People can be fed in a week. There is only one reason why this is not happening; it is called politics.

Politics is what keeps President Obama and other American officials from admitting that the refugee crisis is our fault. But it is nevertheless. America had no moral obligation to declare war on Iraq and other Middle Eastern nations, but now clearly we have a huge obligation to clean up the mess we made. The “war on terror,” turned out to be a war mostly on innocent civilians, in which our supposed allies carried out murderous attacks on our troops and war profiteers made uncounted millions of dollars.

This is stinking to high heaven and the only thing the government of America can do is start airlifting these refugees to crisis centers for re-homing in America. It can be done; I lived on Guam during the Saigon airlift drama and I worked as an assistant to the Red Cross in the tent city that was constructed on the big Naval Station in the center of the island. Thousands of Vietnamese refugees were processed through that facility–men, women, children, babies. When it was over the tents disappeared and life went back to normal on base and off base.

There is a window of opportunity for this nation to do the right thing. Let the Republicans scream–no particular legislation needs to be enacted. Just get them to America and set them free.

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